The Strategic Vision describes the long range end-states that SPAWAR must achieve to fully align to the Navy’s mission in the cyber domain.

Strategic Plan 2018-2027

In 2015, we established the SPAWAR vision to Rapidly Deliver Cyber Warfighting Capability from Seabed to Space. This vision remains relevant today as our Navy and our nation are experiencing an unprecedented degree of competition in the maritime environment. This competition is highlighted in the ideological and military strategies of a growing number of countries and groups that challenge our core values and fundamental human rights. Some have made clear their intent to harm our nation and to increase their global influence. The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) describes this increased global military competition in his treatise “The Future Navy.” In this paper, he stresses that the pace of competition is increasing at an unprecedented rate. To ensure U.S. interests are protected around the world, the CNO offers two basic strategies ...

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