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UCT2 Command Logo
4643 Dock Road Building 524
  Port Hueneme, CA  93043

 Underwater Construction Team TWO


The Underwater Construction Teams are component Commands of the Naval Construction Force. The UCT's are composed of a variety of exceptionally skilled and motivated personnel, most of whom are from the Occupational Field thirteen (OF-13) ratings. As qualified Navy Divers, the UCT's apply their skills to a variety of construction projects in the ocean environment. Additionally, the Teams have specialists in logistics, administration, and diving medicine.

Together, we carry out the command's mission to:

Provide a capability for construction, inspection, repair, and maintenance of ocean facilities in support of Naval and Marine Corps operations, to include repair of battle damage, in the EUCOM, CENTCOM, AFRICOM, and SOUTHCOM Areas of Responsibility; maintain capability to support a Fleet Marine Force (FMF) amphibious assault, subsequent combat service support ashore, and self-defense for the camp and facilities under construction; and in time of emergency or disaster, conduct disaster control and recovery operations.

To accomplish this assigned mission, the UCT-2 will:

  • Accomplish operational and training projects to maintain ocean construction capabilities and readiness.
  • Respond to emergency inspection and repair of essential fleet water-front systems within 48 hours.
  • Maintain the capability to deploy or redeploy with an organic allowance within 6 days.
  • Assist in the test and evaluation of new ocean construction equipment and ocean facility structures and components.
  • Provide emergency medical care for diving operation to include operation of recompression chambers.
  • During the initial period of contingency mobilization, provide underwater construction support of Naval Beach Groups, Harbor Defense Groups, and other fleet units as directed.
  • Construct, inspect, and repair ocean facilities in support of Naval and Marine Corps operations in the combat zone or at forward area support bases.
  • Conduct military operations in support of Fleet Marine Force (FMF) amphibious assault and subsequent combat service support ashore.
  • Provide limited defense against attacks directed toward personnel, camps, and facilities under construction.

Diving Capabilities
UCT-2 maintains the capability to dive SCUBA and/or Surface Supplied diving in nearly all environmental conditions: zero visibility, contamination, day or night operations, under-ice diving, rivers, harbors, or open ocean. In support of underwater construction operations, UCT-2 maintains the following equipment:

  • SCUBA:
    • Normal limit is 130 feet of sea water (fsw). In certain instances can dive to 190 fsw.
    • Twin 80 cubic foot SCUBA cylinders.
    • AGA full face mask OTS through water communication
  • MK-21 and MK-20 Surface Supplied Diving Systems
    • Limited to 190 fsw.
    • Includes all surface support equipment
    • Supports two divers plus one standby diver
    • Excellent voice communications.
  • MK-3 Light Weight Dive Systems
    • Navy certified to 190 fsw
    • High Pressure composite flasks
    • Entirely man portable
  • MK-6 Transportable Recompression Chambers (TRCS)
    • Navy certified
    • Australian developed
    • Man portable systems Allows surface decompression on Air or Oxygen
    • Allows on-site treatment of diving injuries (Bends/Gas Embolism)