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5301 Bainbridge Ave Box #63
  Gulfport, MS 39501

 Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 11


·         I conduct myself with integrity in all that I say and do. I am upright and honorable both in public and when nobody is looking.
·         I strive to be the best that I can be-giving 100% when on the job and taking the initiative to explore new ideas that increase quality of work, safety and speed of delivery.
·         I am committed to improving myself personally and professionally every day to build my competence and character.
·         I have the courage to speak the truth to power and act immediately when something does not look right.
·         I take pride in demonstrating exemplary military bearing, and I will swiftly correct others who fail to honor Navy traditions, standards and professionalism.
·         We respect each other, treat each other with dignity and support each other despite our different backgrounds, beliefs, ranks, genders, race and ethnicity. Diversity is our strength.
·         We demand accountability…of ourselves and of our shipmates.
·         We take care of our families. We give our families the valuable time that they deserve and know when our Seabees’ families need a helping hand.
·         We leverage Small Unit Leaders to maximize our effectiveness. We grow leaders every day.
·         We foster an environment of continuous improvement.
·         We actively communicate with each other. When we need help we ask. When we are asked for help we provide assistance.
·         Our quality of construction and quality of service must be exceptional. When it is not, we must do all that we can to fix it, fix ourselves, or fix the process-our reputation depends on it.
·         Our commitment to safety is unconditional. Safety is a mission enabler that must be actively integrated into everything that we do-on and off duty. When a risk is deemed unacceptable ANYONE is empowered to prevent or stop the unsafe activity.
·         We must be “Brilliant on the Basics”. This requires that we master our technical, tactical, communication and logistical skills through consistent, competent practice so that we can successfully execute our mission in actual, real world conditions.
·         Our readiness is robust. We rigorously plan and train so that we are prepared to fight tonight-either independently, with other Navy Expeditionary Combat Forces, or fleet and joint partners.
·         Our Navy expects toughness from Seabees-we never give up when the going gets tough. We can take a hit and keep on going. NMCB-11 is Marvin Shield’s battalion…we proudly embrace our legacy of toughness.