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5145 Womble Street
  San Diego, CA  92136-5608

 Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit 303


Welcome to the Unstoppable 303 Team!  CBMU-303 is a shore-based Echelon V command within the Navy Expeditionary Combat Force aligned with the West Coast Seabees under Naval Construction Group 1.  We are an integrated active and Reserve unit homeported in beautiful San Diego with an active duty detachment in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and Reserve detachments in San Diego, Port Hueneme, California, and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Homeport operations include providing minor construction and maintenance support to Navy and Marine Corps installations throughout the Southwest Region and Hawaii.  In addition, we regularly participate in major joint and fleet exercises such as Rim of the Pacific, Valiant Shield, Dawn Blitz, Pacific Blitz, and Foal Eagle in order to maintain readiness to deploy and execute our assigned major combat operation missions of higher headquarters support, Expeditionary Medical Facility construction and support, and embarkation support to Movement Control Center West.
At CBMU-303, success is a team sport and our mission cannot be accomplished without the contributions of every Sailor assigned.  We always endeavor to do our best while executing our assigned tasking; our actions follow our words and we take responsibility for the results.  We leverage partnerships throughout the Navy and Marine Corps enterprises to enhance our mission readiness, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately strengthen our combat power.  We are highly capable professionals who are proud of our Seabee heritage.  At CBMU-303, we promote personal growth and actively communicate up and down the chain of command as we build leaders that Take ACTION!
We look forward to your arrival to the Unstoppable 303 Team! Do not hesitate to contact your sponsor or chain of command with any questions you may have, welcome aboard!