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Engineering Bulletins

NSWC N44 Facilities Engineer Bulletins 

NSWC N44 Facilities Engineer Bulletins (FEB) are used as a means to provide timely guidance and information throughout NSWC, the NSW Component Commands, and the NAVFAC and US Army COE design and construction executing commands on various engineering, construction, environment, funding and other planning topics. The bulletins have three levels of applicability or types; policy, criteria, or information. Policy type bulletins have no planned expiration date. Bulletins that are no longer applicable, have been superceded, or have been incorporated in a more permanent document or media are canceled and removed from the website.


Bulletin # (Issue Date) - Title

  FEB 2011-01R Policy (28 March 2014) Collateral Equipment Funding and Acquisition Processes

  FEB 2011-01R Enclosure (1), Flow Chart

  FEB 2011-01R Enclosure (2), SCAMPI Questionnaire with Watermark

 JUL2012-01  Policy (3 July 2012) - Roles and responsibility for ROS and BOS/SRM
in support of NSWC Ranges and range support facilities.

 FEB 2009-03 Info (5 February 2009) -  IE RDA DON GPP Implementation Guide

 FEB 2009-03 Info (November 2008) -  DoD Green Procurement Program Strategy

 FEB 2009-03 Info (February 2009) - DoN Green Procurement Implementation Guide

 FEB 2009-03 Info (26 January 2007) - Executive Order 13423

 FEB 2009-03 Policy (25 August 2009) - DON Green Procurement Program

 FEB 2009-02 Guidance (30 June 2009) - Congressional Communication Protocol and Associated Committee Members

 FEB 2009-02 Info (30 June 2009) - Congressional Committee Members

 FEB 2009-01 Policy (11 March 2009) - OM Investment UFRs 

 FEB 2009-01 Slide (11 March 2009) - OM Investment UFRs-UFR Submittal

 FEB 2009-01 Form (11 March 2009) - OM Investment UFRs-UFR Validation

 FEB 2008-01 Form - MILCON Contingency Funds Use Funds Request Form

 FEB 2008-01 Policy (10 June 2008) - Control of MILCON Contingency Funds and Release Authority