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Volunteering for Mob
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To apply for Mobilizations: Click Applications/Volunteer Mobilization Portal
To apply for Non-Mobilization job opportunities: Click Applications/Short-term non-mobilizations

Individual Augmentees (IA)
Individual Augmentees (IA)

Warrior Transition Program
Navy developed the Warrior Transition Program (WTP) in an effort to facilitate IA
Sailors' return and ease the reintegration process with Families, Commands and
Communities following a war zone deployment. WTP moved to Sembach,
Germany from Kuwait recently to better serve Sailors completing their IA
assignments in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq. The program involves a series of
briefs and interviews that are designed to help Sailors make the transition back to
the United States or their next duty station overseas. For more information, visit the Navy's IA/WTP website at

Returning Warrior Workshop

                                                                                 Returning Warrior Workshops Info

  Returning Warrior Workshop Schedule

Defense Travel Service (DTS)
link to website:
DTS Handbook

Mobilization Order Writing
Mobilization Order Writing

NROWS cannot be accessed without a CAC Card.
NROWS will not continue to the login page if it identifies your browser as non-compatible.

Go to for tips on how to use your CAC and
NROWS from an Apple computer.
NOTE: In order to access some of the Navy CAC-enabled sites, you must
CANCEL when it first asks for your PIN. After canceling, you can then choose
your certificate, and it will give you a second opportunity to enter your PIN.
At this point, the PIN must be entered.

NROWS Help Desk:
Toll Free: (800) 537-4617
Comm: (504)697-7070
DSN 647-7070
CNRF Travel Assistance:
(800) 537-4617 Opt 1
BQ Reservations:
(800) 576-9327
NSIPS Help Desk:
(877) 589-5991
NRH Help Desk:
(866) 830-6466