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           All Navy Reserve Force Messages
​                                                                                                                                      Primary
Article                                                                                                                                                            ​Cognizance
1000-010                    Reserve Unit Assignment Document (RUAD) Management                                         ​N13
1001-010                    Satisfactory Participation in the Navy Reserve                                                              N11
1001-020                    Ready Reserve Annual Screening                                                                                 N5
1001-030                    Train to Retain                                                                                                                ​N1C2
1040-010                    Reserve Unit Career Counselor (UCC) Program                                                           N15
1100-010                    Reserve Incentive Programs                                                                                          N11
1100-020                    Reserve Enlisted Incentives                                                                                           N11
1100-030                    Reserve Officer Incentives (Non Healthcare Professionals)                                          N11
1100-040                    Reserve Officer Incentives for Healthcare Professionals                                               N11
1100-050                    Personnel Gain Transactions                                                                                         N11
1160-010                    ​Reenlistments and Extensions for Sailors in a Drilling Status                                        N15
1200-010                   Reserve Direct Appointment Program                                                                             N7
1221-010                   Reserve Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) Program                                                    N11
1300-010                   Selected Reserve Assignments                                                                                      N12
1300-020                   Management of Drilling Reservists Residing Overseas                                                  N12
1300-030                   Voluntary Training Unit (VTU)                                                                                         N12
1300-040                   Operational Support Unit (OSU)                                                                                     N12
1300-050                   Administrative Processing Unit (APU)                                                                            N12
1300-060                   Cross-Assignments                                                                                                         N12
1300-070                   Directed Assignments                                                                                                     N12
1300-080                   Special Assignments Categories                                                                                    N12
1300-090                   Key Empolyees                                                                                                               N12
1500-010                   Correspondence Courses                                                                                               N11
1534-010                   Strategic Sealift Officer Program (SSOP)                                                                       N14
1534-020                   Strategic Sealift Readiness Group (SSRG) Required Participation                                N14
1534-030                   Strategic Sealift Readiness Group (SSRG) Voluntary Participation                               N14
1534-040                   Strategic Sealift Officer Program (SSOP) Selected Reserve
                                  (SELRES) and Voluntary Training Unit (VTU) Membership                                           N14
1534-050                   Physical Readiness Standards Compliance Requirements for
                                  Members of the Strategic Sealift Readiness Group (SSRG)                                          N14
1534-060                   Strategic Sealift Officer Program Warfare Insignia                                                         N14
1570-010                  Inactive Duty Training (IDT) Administration                                                                     N11
1570-020                   Other Inactive Duty Training and Inactive Duty                                                              N11
1570-030                   Inactive Duty Training (IDT) Record Maintenance                                                          N11
1570-040                   Unit Inactive Duty Training (IDT) Record Maintenance                                                  N11
1570-050                   ​​Inactive Duty Training (IDT) Reports Maintenance                                                         N11
1571-010                   Annual Training (AT) and Active Duty Training (ADT)                                                    N11
1900-010                   ​Personnel Loss Transactions                                                                                         N11
3060-010                   Manpower Availability Status (MAS) Codes                                                                   N35
3060-020                   Individual Mobilization Status (IMS) Codes                                                                    N35
6000-010              Selected Reserve Medical                                                                                               N9

7220-010                 Reserve Pay                                                                                                                     N11

Navy Reserve Instructions

 Commander Navy Reserve Force (CNRF) Instructions


1000 Commander, Navy Reserve Force​ Shore Manpower Requirements Determination Program Schedule

1000.3E Shore Manpower Requirements Determination Program (SMRDP)

1000.7B Commander, Navy Reserve Force Operational Support Executive Committee

1000.9A Telework Policy for Navy Reserve Service Members

1120.3A Direct Commission Officer Onboarding Program

1250.2C Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

1342.1D Navy Reserve Warrior and Family Support Programs

1412.2A Navy Reserve Augment Unit Commanding Officer and Officer-in-Charge Qualification Program

1650.11C Reserve Officers Association Outstanding Navy Reserve Junior Officer of the Year Award

1700.1P Reserve Component Sailor of the Year

1700.7C Commander, Navy Reserve Force Career Counselor of the Year Program

1730.6A fReligious Ministry in the Navy Reserve

1752.1 Navy Reserve Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program

1780.1D Montgomery GI Bill - Selected Reserve Basic and Kicker Program Policy Guidance

3060.7D Navy Reserve Mobilization/Demobilization Procedures

3432.1 Operations Security Program

4000.1F Navy Reserve Logistics Support Handbook

4200.2C Commander Navy Reserve Force Service Requirements Review Board

4215.1B Management and Oversight Process for the Acquisition of Services

4220.2A Responsibilities and Procedures for Issuing Interdepartmental Purchase Requests

4650.1B Order Processing and Transportation Arrangements for Navy Reserve Sailors
5040.1G​ Commander Navy Reserve Force Command Assessment Program

5050.1​ Navy Reserve Conference Guidance

5100.4G Safety and Occupational Health Program and Safety Policy for the Navy Reserve

5200.4J Elimination of Fraud, Waste, and Mismanagement in the Navy Reserve

5200.8C Navy Reserve Managers' Internal Control Program

5210.1 Records Management Program

5216.3B  "By Direction" Authority

5222.1 Processquick Implement Across the Navy Reserve Force

5239.3A Navy Reserve Force Information Assurance and Personally Identifiable Information Privacy Program

5239.4A Cybersecurity Training, Certification and Workforce Management

5300.5B Information Technology and Navy Marine Corps Intranet Guidance

5320.2B Resources Management Board

5350.8B Campaign Drug Free Program

5351.1 Senior Executive Leadership Training Program
5354.1 Navy Reserve Diversity Policy Guidance, Roles and Responsibilities

5400.43 Commander, Navy Reserve Force/Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Staff Organizational Manual Cover Page and Enclosure (1) Chapter 1

5400.43 Commander, Navy Reserve Force/Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Staff Organizational Manual Enclosure (1) Chapter 2

5400.43 Commander, Navy Reserve Force/Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Staff Organizational Manual Enclosure (1) Chapter 2 Continued

54​00.43 Commander, Navy Reserve Force/Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Staff Organizational Manual Enclosure (1) Chapter 3

54​00.43 Commander, Navy Reserve Force/Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Staff Organizational Manual Enclosure (2)

54​00.43 Commander, Navy Reserve Force/Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Staff Organizational Manual Enclosure (3)

5420.14D Navy Operational Support Officer Duty

5420.5M Navy Reserve Policy Board

5450.37G Missions, Functions, and Tasks of Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command

5450.38B Missions, Functions, and Tasks of Commander, Naval Air Forces Command

5500.1 Special Access Program Security Oversight

5510.9A CH-1 Commander, Navy Reserve Force Informational and Personnel Security Manual

5512.1B  Contract Personnel Common Access Card Management Procedures

5726.3 Navy Reserve Employer Engagement Plan

5760.2F Policy and Responsibilities Concerning Navy Sea Cadet Corps and Navy League Cadet Corps

6000.1E Guidance on Pregnant Sailors in the Navy Reserve

6100.3A CH-1 Physical Readiness and Weight Control

6500.1 Toughness and Resiliency Program Policy

7100.1E Commander, Navy Reserve Force Budget and Financial Guidance Manual

7100.5C Requirement Development, Consolidated Evaluation Board, and Requirement Review Board Processes

7120.1 Program Objective Memorandum Preparation Guidance

8011.2C Non-Combat Expenditure Allocation Management

12300.3A Staffing Placement and Employment

12351.2E Civilian Workforce Shaping

12410.3D Policy on Payment for College Training Courses Taken by Civilian Employees

12410.4B Commander, Navy Reserve Force Civilian Professional Development Program

12410.5 Mandatory Training for Managers and Supervisors of Civilian Federal Employees

12410.6 Command Federal Civilian Employee Mentorship Program

12410.7 Federal Civilian Employee Individual Development Plan

12430.4A Department of The Navy Interim Performance Management System

12430.5 Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program

12451.4A Civilian Awards Program

​12451.5A Civilian Incentive Awards Program for Headquarters Staff Personnel

​12550.2 Discretionary Civilian Pay Flexibilities

12511.1A Position Classification and Position Management
12610.2B Telework Policy for Civilian Employees

12611.1C Regular and Alternate Civilian Work Schedules​

12630.3B Civilian Leave Policy

12720.2E CH-1 Equal Employment Opportunity Program Management

12720.5A Reasonable Accommodations of Persons with Disabilities

12720.6 CH-1 Employment of Individuals with Disabilities

12720.7A Hispanic Employment Program

12735.1 Violence in the Workplace

12752.2B Disciplinary and Performance-Based Actions

12771.1A Administrative Grievance System

12792.1C Drug-Free Workplace Program

12792.2A Civilian Employee Fitness and Wellness Program

12810.1C Federal Employees’ Compensation Act Program


 CNRF Noitces

5400  Fiscal Year 2021 National Command and Senior Officer Commander or Captain Non-command Billet Screening and Assignment Procedures​

 Commander Navy Reserve Forces Command (CNRFC) Instructions


1000.1E Routing Procedures for Personnel Requests

1050.1B Working Hours, Leave, Liberty, and Out of Bounds Procedures

1152.1D Navy Reserve Interactive Customer Evaluation Standards

1160.1B ​Reenlistment Incentives

1412.1E Navy Reserve Echelon 4/5 shore Command Qualification Program

1500.2C Command Mentorship​ Program

1610.2F Navy Evaluation Report Procedures for Enlisted Personnel (E1-E9) Assigned to Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command

1620.1B Extra Military Instruction

1626.1C Staff Disciplinary Review Board

1650.13A Military Personal Awards Guidance

1650.3C Association of the United States Navy Junior Office of the Year Award

1700.1F CH-1 Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Staff Sailor of the Quarter/Year, Junior Sailor of the Quarter/Year, and Bluejacket of the Quarter/Year Program

1710.2B Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Policy

1738.1 Warrior Resiliency Program

1800.1A Procedures for Requesting Command Sponsored Retirement Ceremony

2280.1F Key Management Infrastructure Operating Account Administration and Management Procedures

2280.3D Emergency Action Plan for Classified Material and Communications Security Material

3070.1J  ​Staff Duty and Watchstanding Policies

3120.1E Navy Reserve Maritime Pre-Positioning Force Utility Boat Operations Manual

3440.1D Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Staff Continuity of Operations Plan

3574.1 Navy Reserve Fire Arms Training System

4790.1​ Reserve Force Maintenance and Material Management Assessment and Certification Program

5040.1 Zone Inspection Program

5060.1 Commander Navy Reserve Forces Command Ceremonial Guard

5100.12A Command Motorcycle Mentorship Program

5216.1G "By Direction" Authority

5354.1D Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Cultural Diversity Education Team

5450.3C Mission, Functions, and Tasks of Commander, Naval Information Force Reserve

5450.5C Mission, Functions, and Tasks of Navy Region Reserve Component Commands

5450.6A Mission, Functions, and Tasks of Navy Reserve Professional Development Center

5450.7 Mission, Functions, and Tasks of Navy Operational Support Centers

5450.71 Personnel Qualification Standard for Navy Operational Support Center Staff

5450.8 CH-1 Distinction of Roles and Responsibilities Between Navy Operational Support Centers and Commander, Information Dominance Corps Reserve Command For Information Warfare 

5530.14B​ Force Protection Program Manual

5532.1 Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Building Access Control Procedures

5720.1 Commander Navy Reserve Forces Command Public Affairs Roles and Responsibilities

5726.1B Participation of Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Personnel in Navy Outreach and Media Exposure Events

5780.1A Procedures for Requesting Public Affairs Support

6100.1B Physical Readiness and Weight Control

6110 Notification of Command Navy Reserve Forces Command Cycle 1 2020 Physical Fitness Assessment

6410.2A Flight Surgeon, Aviation Medical Technician, and Search and Rescue Medical Technician Duties, Responsibilities, and Utilization

11320.1E Fire Prevention and Emergency Evacuation Bill

12451.1F CH-1 Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Civilian of the Quarter/Year Awards Program​


 CNRFC Notices

4491 Immunization Procurement Procedures

5214  Commander's Critical Information Requirements and Signficant Event Reporting

5420  Assignment to Primary and Collateral Duties/Boards Committees and Teams
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