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Fleet Rating IDentification Engine for Selected Reserve (FleetRIDE for SELRES)
The Navy Reserve has implemented the FleetRIDE system for SELRES Sailors.
FleetRIDE is an information technology (IT) system used to screen Sailors for rating qualification, and is a web-enabled career counseling support tool that screens and guides the right sailors to the right jobs and assists Career Counselors, Enlisted Community Managers (ECMs) and Sailors with reclassification and career guidance by providing the best match of a Sailor’s qualifications and interests to meet navy requirements for rating assignment/conversions.  The system allows authorized users to view and update all Sailor attribute data and rating eligibility criteria, and qualify the Sailor to view eligibility for any and all ratings.
FleetRIDE is populated with the most current SELRES Career Reenlistment Objective (CREO) rating manning information and rating qualification standards. This information will allow Career Counselors and Sailors to quickly identify other career opportunities available for non-designated Sailors or Sailors in overmanned ratings.
FleetRIDE vs. PTS
FleetRIDE is not the same as Perform-to-Serve (PTS).
PTS is a module within FleetRIDE currently only used in AC and Full Time Support (FTS) communities to centrally control reenlistment authority.  The FleetRIDE for SELRES rollout does not subject SELRES Sailors to PTS.
Authorized FleetRIDE users are able to:
  • View and update all Sailor attribute data/rating eligibility criteria and force shaping tools within the FleetRIDE database
  • Qualify the Sailor to view eligibility for any and ALL ratings
Q.   Is SELRES FleetRIDE the same as PTS?      
A.   No. FleetRIDE is a screening mechanism for SELRES Sailors.  PTS is currently only used for active component Sailors.       
Q.  Is SELRES FleetRIDE going to be a permanent program?      
A.  Yes.  
Q.   Who is populated within the FleetRIDE (SELRES) module?      
A.   All SELRES Sailors E6 and below.     
Q.   Who is required to be qualified within the FleetRIDE (SELRES) module?   
A.   All SELRES Sailors E6 and below
Q.  If I do not currently have a security clearance, how will this affect my conversion opportunities?
A.  It will affect your ability to convert into a rating requiring a security clearance. (Reference: BUPERSINSTS 1430.16, Chapter 2  [Page 28, Table  2-4]).     
Q.  Do I need to qualify in FleetRIDE as a prerequisite to go on an IA, ADSW, or mobilization/recall?      
A.  NO.  It is not required to go on IA, ADSW, or mobilization/recall, however, all SELRES E6 and below Sailors are required to be qualified within FleetRIDE to enhance conversion opportunities.
Q.  Can I convert to a new rate if I qualify for it through FleetRIDE?    
A.  YES.   You may submit a conversion package for the desired rating IAW MILPERSMAN 1440-010 to PERS‐8.  Include a printed copy of your Sailor Qualified Jobs Listing.   Please review MILPERSMAN 1306‐618 for line score waivers.     
Q.  I received a SELRES quota via PTS, am I exempt from FleetRIDE  (SELRES) qualification?      
A.  NO.    You are not exempt.  As mentioned earlier, FleetRIDE  (SELRES) qualification is a basic   qualification piece.  All of your information from the Sailor Details Page will migrate over to FleetRIDE.    
Q.  As a Command Career Counselor  (CCC), what fields are not provided that I need to complete?    
A. The following fields must be completed by the CCC in Fleet RIDE:
  • Color Perception
  • Stereoscopic
  • Vision
  • Speech
  • Impediment
  • Moral Turpitude
  • Offenses
  • History of Drug Abuse
  • Adverse Personal History
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Civil Convictions
  • Courts Martials,
  • NJP
  • Security Clearance  Eligible  
*Note:  Those  with  CCC  access  can  update  ASVAB  test  scores.     
Q.  How do I remove a Sailor from my UIC who is no longer assigned to my command  (transferred)?      
A.  Go to the “Sailor Browser”, highlight the Sailor you wish to have removed, click on the “Edit” button to the left-hand side of the screen. Then click on the UIC pull down menu and select the “blank” space above the current UIC. Then hit “Save”.

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