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Fleet and Family Support Center Services

Fleet and Family Support Program
Fleet and Family Support Programs (FFSP) support individual and family readiness through a full array of programs and resources, which help Navy families to be resilient, well-informed and adaptable to the Navy environment. Programs include:

  • deployment support for Sailors and their families
  • personal and family wellness education and counseling
  • emergency preparedness and response
  • crisis intervention and response
  • military and personal career development
  • financial education and counseling
  • transition assistance
  • spouse employment

Deployment Readiness

The Fleet and Family Support Center offers a variety of deployment support programs to assist Commands, Sailors and their families. Download the Deployment Checklist.

Fleet and Family Support Centers offer programs to ensure you are ready for deployment.
During Deployment
Fleet and Family Support Centers focus on families during deployments. Your FFSC offers programs and services that will empower you.
Return and Reunion
Reuniting after a long deployment is fun, exciting and one of the best things about Navy life. Enjoy homecoming and be prepared to renegotiate your relationship as you reconnect.
After the homecoming celebration is over, establishing the "new" normal can take several months or more.
Family Readiness Groups
The Family Readiness Groups Toolkit provides the nuts and bolts needed to establish, run and maintain a successful Family Readiness Group.
Command Representative Program
The Command Representative Program expands FFSP’s mission by assigning individual liaisons to each command.
Resources and links to help you with deployment questions
Resources for Children
Resources and links to help children with deployment questions

Programs and services are currently delivered from 81 sites worldwide, with 58 of those sites delivering a full portfolio of programs and services. Find your local Fleet and Family Support Center.

Navy FFSP is organized into three sub-functional areas:  Deployment Readiness, Career Support and Retention and Crisis Response.  Across all three sub-functions, services include information and referral, individual clinical and non-clinical consultation and educational classes and workshops.

FFSP Regional Office Program Directory

Naval District Washington Europe
Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Guam
Navy Region Midwest Japan
Navy Region Northwest Korea
Navy Region Southwest Navy Region Hawaii
Navy Region Southeast Singapore
  Southwest Asia

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