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Chaplain Services


Navy Reserve Chaplains
Facilitate, Provide, Care, Advise

Looking for Chaplain Support?

The Navy Reserve Chaplain Corps consists of over 200 commissioned officers in the Navy Reserve, representing numerous faith groups.   We are endorsed by religious organizations to serve as Navy Chaplains, receive specialized training to care for military members and their families, and mobilize and serve just like all in the Navy Reserve.

What do we offer?
  • We offer a wide spectrum of counsel, advice, and pastoral care for service members and their families.
  • We keep 100% of your communications with us in complete confidence unless you direct otherwise.
  • We are Naval Officers who understand the challenges of Navy life and religious ministers available to help you grow in your faith.
  • We offer religious ministry that is faith specific, and we facilitate religious ministry for faiths other than our own.
  • We advise leaders at all levels in the Naval Service regarding morale, ethics, and spiritual well being. 
Who can call a chaplain?
Any Reservist or family member.

You can call a chaplain about…
  • Stress in relationships or within the Navy
  • Marriage/relationship issues
  • Deployment/mobilization – whether for the first time or multiple deployments
  • Reintegration with family or Sailor after mobilization
  • Religious/spiritual questions
  • Moral/ethical issues
  • Anything you need to share in confidence!
How do you contact a Navy Reserve Chaplain?
First, you may contact your own unit. Many Navy Reserve units have a chaplain, or a chaplain that covers your unit. If your unit does not have a chaplain, a chaplain in another unit at the NOSC where you drill may be available. Nearby Reserve or Guard chaplains from other services may also be resources.
If you are unable to locate a chaplain at your unit or NOSC, you can reach out to a chaplain through the Navy 311 Website:

Or by phone at 1-855-NAVY311 (1-855-628-9311)

Find more information about chaplain support and services for mobilizing Sailors and their families, visit:

Chaplain’s Religious Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO)
Since its beginning in the 1970s, CREDO Chaplains have conducted retreats for spiritual growth, personal growth, and marriage enrichment around the world.  

CREDO retreats provide Sailors, Marines and their families the opportunity to get away for a free weekend, or one-day seminar, and strengthen their personal lives, marriages, or families.

CREDO retreats are open to all Navy Active and Reserve Component members and their families at no cost to themselves or their commands.

Navy CREDO Centers
  • Europe (Naples) 011-081-568-5255
  • Hawaii 808-257-1843
  • Mid-Atlantic (Norfolk) 757-444-1091
  • New England (Groton) 860-694-1147
  • Northwest (Bremerton) 360-476-3793
  • San Diego 619-532-1437
  • Southeast (Jacksonville) 904-542-3923
Marine Corps CREDO Centers
  • Camp Lejeune 910-450-1668
  • Camp Pendleton 760-725-4995
  • Okinawa 011-81-611-745-3041

Download SECNAVINST 1730.9, Confidential Communications to Chaplains
Download Chaplain Support in the Navy Reserve



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