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AC to RC Transition Process
Enlisted AC TO RC Transition
  1. Contact your Command Career Counselor to submit a SELRES PTS/ECTP application.
  2. Once approved submit your Reserve affiliation screening checklist to
  3. Complete any other required affiliation paperwork (Bonus PG 13, Reserve Reenlistment contract) and return to the CTO.
  4. 7 to 10 days after your EAOS you will receive your orders and transition package.
  5. Once you receive your orders, (via E-mail) contact your NOSC and confirm your 1st drill date. (DO NOT REPORT UNTIL YOUR DRILL WEEKEND).
  6. Congratulations on continuing your Navy career.
Update regarding ERB affected E6 Sailors with over 14 years.  FleetRIDE-PTS will allow these Sailors to apply for SELRES quotas, so please utilize PTS.  ERB Effected CPOs and above must contact Jaime Coronado @ 901-874-4508 or email to request affiliation.
Enlisted Sailors desiring to transition into the Navy Reserve should contact their Command Career Counselor to submit a SELRES PTS application via Fleet RIDE or submit a ECTP request.
If you are denied a SELRES PTS quota, or SELRES PTS quota has expired (60 days after your EAOS), contact your local Navy Reserve recruiter to affiliate with the Navy Reserve.
Officer AC to RC Transition
In the past, an officer who desired to join the Navy Reserve affiliated through a Navy recruiter and was required to follow the same procedure as a non-prior service applicant.
Now, officers leaving Active Duty who have been approved for resignation and have indicated an interest in the Navy Reserve will be contacted by a Transition Assistant (TA) from the Career Transition Office (CTO) prior to separation.  The TA will help facilitate an officer's affiliation with a Reserve Unit at a local Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC).  In addition, the TA will prepare and coordinate all affiliation paperwork including billet assignment, Reserve officer appointment/oath, sponsors, bonus payments, and answer all questions concerning the Reserves.  The CTO will make your "transition" as smooth as possible by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and streamling the affiliation process.
Officers currently serving on Active Duty who desire to affiliate with the Navy Reserve, or need more information about Navy Reserve programs and opportunities, should contact the CTO at (901) 874-4192 or
As a Navy veteran, there is a distinct advantage to affiliating with the Navy Reserve before you leave active duty to avoid a gap in-service. 
Important Affiliation Forms
Navy Reserve Officer Incentive Programs
Officer Affiliation Bonus
This program provides a bonus to certain officers who affiliate with the Selected Reserve (SELRES) as a drilling reservist for a  three year period and possess certain designators determined to be of a critical need to the RC.  
NAVADMIN 002/12 announces recruiting incentives for Selected Reserve officers.  Please refer to the NAVADMIN for the current incentive programs.
The Medical Officer Healthcare Professional Incentive programs are currently funded for "NEW NAVY RESERVE AFFILIATES ONLY."  This includes NAVETs (First-time Navy Reserve affiliation). 
Junior Officer (JO) APPLY
Members of the SELRES are eligible to apply for vacant billets using JO APPLY.  Reserve Junior Officers can login to the site, register, and review non-command JO billet opportunities.  Interested parties who cannot obtain a JO APPLY login may still browse the vacant JO billets.  To access the site, you will need to register with the Commander, Navy Reserve Forces website.  Once logged into the private side, select Apply from the Applications drop-down menu.
Critical Wartime Healthcare Professional Incentives
Loan Repayment Program (LRP) and STIPEND
A service member in a residency program may be eligible for LRP and STIPEND.  Contact the CTO to find out if you qualify.