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Senior Enlisted Academy
Registration & Enrollment

Students who have completed the online PME prerequisite are eligible to apply for an Empower account. Once their Empower account has been approved and established, students can then enroll in a class with open seats. (Note that a CAC is NOT required to apply for an Empower Account).

SEA classes follow the fiscal year (FY) schedule, with the upcoming FY-schedule generally becoming available in mid-April.

Apply for an Empower Account

All applicants who have completed their online PME course can apply for an Empower account, our student management database. Navy E-7's must also submit their CO Endorsement Letter to at the same time they submit their Empower Account application.

To apply for an Empower Account, click here.

Enrolling in a Class

You must have an established Empower Account and a CAC to enroll in a class.

Once you click "Submit" in your Empower Account application, you should receive a system-generated email stating your application was submitted to SEA Registration for review. Please allow at least one working day for your application to be reviewed.

If your Empower Account application has errors or is incomplete, you will receive an email from SEA Registration requiring further action on your part. Otherwise, if there are no errors in your application, you will receive a system-generated email stating your Empower Account has been approved. Please allow two working days to create your Empower user-account.

Once established, you may enroll in any SEA class with open seats (includes targeted enrollment). Note that a CAC is required to enroll in a class. To enroll in a class, you must first determine which type of travel orders you will be using to attend the SEA in Newport, RI.

Types of Orders you can select from:

USN E-8/E-9 on TAD orders – Select a quota from an available class. (CAC required to select a class.)

USN E-8/E-9 on PCS orders or following on to CMC/COB – Detailer must put you on orders with the SEA as an I-STOP. When approved, you can select a quota from an available class. (CAC required to select a class.)

USNR (Reserve) on ADT/AT orders only – When approved you can select a quota from an available class. (CAC required to select a class.)

Non-U.S. Navy including our international Service partners – Your Service training officer MUST first approve your request and advise the SEA of acceptance. Then, you must apply for an Empower Account as noted above. Once your Empower Account Application has been approved, the SEA Registrar will enroll you into your assigned class.

All E-7s must first meet eligibility requirements. When approved by SEA Registration, only then can they enroll in a class with open seats. (CAC required to select a class.)

Targeted Enrollment

To ensure diversity within each class, we offer limited quotas for students based on their rank, Service, and type of travel orders. Once the FY Class Schedule is published, unfilled quotas for all classes are available in Empower for targeted enrollment.

I do not see my class

Only classes with available seats will appear in Empower. If no classes are visible in Empower, then all quotas have been filled for the year. In that case, see Open Enrollment below for possible options.

Navy E-7 ALERT: As of May 2019, quotas for CPO’s have been filled for all SEA classes. If this is the case, you must attempt to enroll during the Open Enrollment period for the class of your choice.

Open Enrollment

All unused quotas from targeted enrollment are made available on a first-come-first-served basis for open enrollment in Empower on Monday at 0800 Eastern Time (ET), three weeks before the class's official start date. If the open enrollment falls on a holiday, then it shifts to that Tuesday. Once all seats are filled, open enrollment for that class ends.

Open Enrollment dates for each class are listed on the Class Schedule.

After enrolling in a class, students will gain access to the course in Blackboard on the Wednesday prior to the actual class convening date and will lose access 30 days after last day of in-residence.

Please go to and enter your username and password, instructions below:

Your username is your first name.last name (Example - MICHAEL.PAROLA).

New Blackboard users, please use the 'Forgot Your Password?' link and enter your first name, last name and the above username, you will then receive an e-mail with a link to create your password.

Previous Naval War College Blackboard users, continue to use the password you have been using.

If you need further assistance with resetting your password, contact NWC IRD Helpdesk at