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The first step to get into the SEA is to complete the online prerequisite. (See Prerequisite tab in the Program Overview menu item.) Only applicants who have completed the online PME prerequisite are eligible to register for an Empower account. Empower account applications will not be approved if applicants do not certify their PME prerequisite has been completed.

The SEA uses Empower for its student management database. To select an SEA class, applicants must first register for an Empower account. Without an established Empower account, applicants cannot enroll in a class.

Please note that a CAC is NOT required to register for an Empower Account. Due to military firewalls, it is often best to use a personal computer to register for an Empower account.

Registration Process

Registering for an Empower account is a three-step process.

First step--filling in the data. Applicants log into Empower to enter their data. If the applicant needs to find additional data, they can Save their application and complete it later. Applicants have two weeks to complete their applications. Empower account applications older than two weeks will automatically be deleted.

Once applicants start and Empower account application, they will receive their first system-generated email with a unique PIN number and URL. Applicants need to SAVE these until their Empower application has been approved!

If the application was “saved,” the applicant will need their PIN number and URL to complete the application. Otherwise, applicants will need to start over and create a new application. To edit an existing application, go to HTTPS://

Navy E-7's must submit their CO Endorsement Letter to SEA Registration ( immediately prior to - or at the same time - they submit their completed Empower account application. E7 applications without a CO Endorsement Letter will not be processed.

Second step--submitting a completed Empower account application. A second auto-generated e-mail is sent when applicants click the “submit” button. This email states the application has been submitted for review. If the application is incomplete or contains errors, SEA Registration will email the applicant for further action. The applicant will need their PIN number and URL noted above to edit the application. Otherwise, they will need to start over and create a new application.

Third step--Empower account established. Once the application has been approved and the applicant’s Empower account established, a third auto-generated e-mail is forwarded to the applicant with instructions on how to select a class. Applicants can then go to the Enrollment menu item for directions on how to enroll in a class.

Registration Link

To Register for an Empower account, click here. Or go to:

Note: A CAC is NOT required to register for an Empower account