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Senior Enlisted Academy Curriculum

The Senior Enlisted Academy offers a single course for all students (Active Duty/FTS, SELRES, partner services, and international service members). The program emphasizes communication skills, leadership and management, national security affairs, Navy programs and physical fitness.

This course is comprised of seven-weeks of facilitated Distance Learning (DL) followed by three-weeks of In-Residence (IR) education in Newport, Rhode Island. There is one non-academic week between the two phases, making the course 11 weeks from start to finish. All students must attend the DL and IR phases consecutively; the two phases cannot be split up.

SELRES who cannot complete the full three weeks in-residence should register for the classes specifically designed for SELRES which graduate after two weeks in-residence with an extra week of DL before arriving in Newport. The curriculum is the same, but the in-residence schedule for SELRES assigned to these two classes will be compressed (i.e., same curriculum but longer class days in-residence).

Course Prerequisite

To establish a baseline for professional discussion, students must complete a prerequisite Professional Military Education online course prior to registering for an Empower account.

Distance Learning (DL)

During the DL phase students read, write papers, and interact with instructors facilitators and each other via the Blackboard Learning Management System. Students can expect approximately 12 to 15 hours of academic work each week during the seven-week DL phase.

In-Residence Phase (IR)

The IR builds on the material covered in the DL phase. For example, the outlines from the problem essay, heritage essay, and capstone essay are used to produce speeches during the In-Residence phase of the course.

Senior Enlisted Academy Prerequisite

Before registering for the SEA, you must complete an online professional military education (PME) course. (Not required for foreign national students)

Getting Ready for SEA

In the spirit of cooperation—and in bringing together senior leaders from various branches of the service—SEA requires participants to first complete a common learning experience before registering for an Empower account. For international students ONLY, completing an online prerequisite course is optional.

Online Prerequisite Course

For all U.S. military, completing one of the following online PME programs will satisfy the SEA prerequisite:

Navy Primary Professional Military Education (PPME)

The PPME online courses, available only to members of the U.S. Navy, are delivered through the Navy eLearning system on My Navy Portal (MNP). These classes provide a common educational experience and consist of about six weeks, or 70 hours, of coursework.

Navy PPME is continuously updated. However, any version of PPME, old or current, will satisfy the SEA prerequisite. Any one of the following will suffice as evidence of completion: (a) a copy of the PPME framing certificate from the Naval War College, (b) copies of the seven Block Completion certificates (B1-B7) downloadable from MNP, or (c) a FLTMPS printout/screen capture showing completion of PPME Blocks 1 thru 7.

Access My Navy Portal.

Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education (SEJPME)

SEJPME courses, available to all incoming SEA participants, are designed to integrate members from different service branches into a unified group. SEJPME coursework is delivered through Joint Knowledge Online (JKO). SEJPME’s Level I course involves 40 hours of material, while Level II consists of about 45.

Students using JKO to satisfy the SEA prerequisite must complete both SEJPME I & II. Completion certificates downloadable from JKO will satisfy as evidence of completion.

Access JKO.

Distance Learning

During the Distance Learning (DL) phase, you will complete weekly reading assignments, view lecture materials, and offer key ideas via your Group Discussion Board on how the readings inform your professional experience. Additionally, you will complete several writing assignments in the DL phase.

Blackboard Learning Management System

Students gain access to the Blackboard Learning Management System on Wednesday before class officially starts. This gives you ample time to upload your mandatory entrance requirements (PME completion certificate(s), SEA Command Acknowledgement Letter) and get familiar with the course layout.

Academic Information

The academic week runs Monday through Sunday. Expect approximately 12 to 15 hours of academic work each week during the seven-week DL phase.

Check out the syllabus for a week-by-week description of the DL portion of the program.

Student Downloads


Student Handbook


The In-Residence (IR) phase builds on the material covered in the DL phase. For example, the outlines from the problem essay, heritage essay, and capstone essay are used to produce speeches during the In-Residence phase of the course. The IR methodology includes lectures, seminars, group activities, and physical conditioning.

Student Downloads


Student Handbook


Gate 1 is the only gate that remains open 24 hours. Additionally, if you arrive on a Sunday after hours, everything is pretty much shut down. You might grab something to eat for breakfast the next day during your travels because class starts Monday at 7:00 a.m.!

Note: Newport Pell Bridge is a $4.00 toll bridge.

The First Day Starts Early!

On the first day of class, report to Tomich Hall (Bldg 1269) first floor auditorium at 7:00 a.m. in Physical Training (PT) gearOfficial Navy PTU (or Sservice equivalent), see Uniform Requirements for more information.

During check-in you will participate in a Body Composition Assessment (BCA) as outlined in OPNAVINST 6110.1 Physical Readiness Instruction, see Physical Fitness Program for more information. (Not required for foreign national students)

Note: Failure to meet Navy BCA standards results in immediate disenrollment.

Military Records

You will need the following records to in-process at the SEA:

Navy TAD: SEA funds Navy TAD students.

Navy PCS: Transfer package, copy of orders, copy of updated PAGE 2 and SGLI.

Navy AT/ADT: Original orders and all modifications.

Other Services: Original orders and all modifications.

Medical Screening

To ensure both your safety and your ability to participate in our physical fitness program, all Navy personnel must have a current Preventive Health Assessment (PHA) in your record. Failure to have a completed PHA may jeopardize your ability to graduate.

Personal Mailing Address

You may use the following mailing address to have mail delivered USPS, UPS, or Federal Express while attending the Senior Enlisted Academy.



CLASS # XXX, _______ GROUP


NEWPORT RI 02841-1525

Phone Messages

The SEA staff will accept emergency calls at these office numbers:


(401) 841-4221/4776

DSN: 841-4221/4776


(401) 841-4945

DSN: 841-4945

Physical Fitness Program

While you are in Newport, you will be required to perform physical training (PT) both as a class and in your individual groups. Click for more information on our Physical Fitness Program.

Social Functions and Miscellaneous Expenses

Typically, you will attend a Welcome Aboard social reception at the CPO Club during the first week in-residence. This serves as an opportunity to get acquainted with staff and fellow students. Non-alcoholic refreshments and finger-foods are provided, but anything you get from the bar is on you.

Also, as a member of the class, you may choose to incur costs you cannot claim as travel expenses. You can expect to spend approximately $20 per week participating in class activities (e.g., coffee mess, bottled water, gee-dunks, etc.). These expenses alone may total up to $60. Beyond that, paying for items such as group tee shirts, class functions (bar-b-que for example) or class legacy gifts could run higher. Again, paying for these items are a matter of personal choice.

Passports and Visas

In some cases, your ship or unit deployment location may be overseas in an area, which will require you to obtain an official or no-fee passport. This also applies to some overseas duty locations for your family members. YOU MUST APPLY FOR PASSPORT OR VISA FROM YOUR DETACHING NAVPTO. The SEA normally does not process passport requests. In the event you do have passport issues while you are here, you will require the following items to process your passport application(s): birth certificate(s) with raised seal and valid tourist passport(s) (if they are current).

Do not allow your NAVPTO to delay passport processing until the last minute or advise you to delay processing. Processing passport applications is much more difficult at the SEA due to educational requirements--there just aren't that many hours in a day.

Our physical fitness program begins at a low intensity and progresses to a fairly rigorous routine over a period of time. It is designed to safely enhance student physical readiness.

While in Newport, students are required to perform physical training (PT). PT sessions will include, but are not limited to Tabata, cross-fit, circuit training, yoga, spin class, team sports, and various other types of group PT. Additionally, the Byers’ cup and infamous six-mile Wave run are required events. Although, students will not be required to complete the six miles the SEA encourages every student to push themselves and step out of their comfort zone. If students are not fit for full duty or able to perform all aspects of PT, they must provide a light/limited duty chit on day one specifically stating their duty status and limitations. If a light/limited duty chit is not provided, students will be required to perform all aspects of PT. All personnel reporting to the Academy must be within Navy body composition standards and physical fitness standards.

Note: We will run outdoors as long as the wind-chill factor is above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Body Composition Assessment

During check-in students will participate in a Body Composition Assessment (BCA) as outlined in OPNAVINST 6110.1(series) as a requirement for graduation. Failure to meet Navy BCA standards on the first day of the in-residence period will result in automatic disenrollment with a 12-month penalty to re-enroll.

BCA failure

Should students be disenrolled from the SEA due to BCA failure, they will depart the SEA the same day. The student’s chain of command is notified of the disenrollment.

First Day of Class

On the first day of class, the SEA staff and CFLs will measure height/weight and, if required, determine body fat percentage. If there are any questions pertaining to physical fitness program, contact our Command Fitness Leader.

Students are required to be within the Navy's maximum body fat percentage standards, 26 percent for males, 36 percent for females.

Note: For all sister service military students, please note the SEA requires sister service students to meet the Navy's height/weight and body fat standards.

Please review OPNAVINST 6110.1(series) for additional information pertaining to the Navy's Physical Readiness Program.

Uniform Periods

Summer: uniform period is from the last Monday in April up to the first Monday in October.

Winter: uniform period is from the first Monday in October up to the last Monday in April.

Uniform of the Day

Monday-Thursday is NWUs (or Service equivalent) Friday is Khakis/Service Uniform (or Service equivalent)

Friday is Khakis/Service Uniform (or Service equivalent)

SEA field trip: NWUs (or Sservice equivalent))

Note: Either Garrison cap or Combination cover will suffice.

Note: NWU Type II are not authorized for wear for they are command issued clothing.

Physical Training

Navy PTU. This requirement includes the Navy sweatshirt and pants for Navy fitness suit if worn during PT.

Cold Weather

Be sure to bring outerwear appropriate for the season to include necessary items for year-round physical training outdoors.

Personnel officially issued the leather flight jacket may wear it only with khakis. The green nylon flight jacket is not authorized onboard Naval Station Newport.

Uniform for Photo & Graduation

Army Marine Corps Navy Air Force Coast Guard
Army Class A’s/B’s Marine Corps Service “C” or "B" seasonal dependent Navy Service Khaki Air Force Blues w/short sleeve shirt Coast Guard Tropical Blue Long

Working Uniform

Army Marine Corps Navy Air Force Coast Guard
Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU) Seasonal Pattern Navy Working (NWU) TYPE I/III Airman Combat Uniform (ACU) Coast Guard Operational Dress (ODU)

Physical Training Uniform (PTU)

First morning of class and Physical Training

Army Marine Corps Navy Air Force Coast Guard
Army PFU Marine Corps PTU Navy PTU Air Force PTU Coast Guard PTU