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Due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, we are aware SAT/ACT testing has been cancelled and/or delayed. STA-21 program applications are still due/ postmarked by 1 July 2020. Test scores required can be from a test taken between 1 July 2017 and 1 July 2020. Applications will be accepted pending receipt of the June test scores. We will continue to assess the situation.

ACT has cancelled the April national and international test dates and rescheduled them for June; ACT is offering flexible scheduling options for June and July, test date changes and rescheduling fees free of charge. Refunds for registration fees are also still available. In addition to the previously planned fall test dates (Sep, Oct and Dec); ACT plans to launch the test-at-home remote proctoring in late fall/early winter as part of their National Testing Program.

SAT has cancelled the June SAT Administrations. Pending public health and safety, College Board is planning for weekend SAT testing every month through the end of the calendar year, beginning in August. College Board is notifying students; access to early registration for Aug, Sept and Oct testing is available, refunds for registration fees are also still available. In the unlikely event that schools don't reopen this fall, the College Board plans to provide a digital SAT for home use.

Applying to the STA-21 program is done in two parts.

The checklist for the entire selection package can be downloaded here. MS Word Icon

1. Part I (Completed by Applicant):

  • Reference the appropriate Program Authorization for the option in which you are applying -  PDF Icon
  • Application cover letter.  (Download here MS Word Icon). 
  • STA-21 Data Form.  (Submit via STA-21 Online Application Page or Download MS Word Icon).   Download form only if online application is not possible.
  • Applicant’s personal statement.  (Signed and dated).
  • Last (5) observed evals, if applicable.  (No missing time).  Some applicants will not have five evals due to length of time in the Navy.  That is fine.  Submit NOB evals as well for continuity.  Ensure back of eval is provided.
  • SAT/ACT scores from within 3 years prior to application deadline (July 1st).  Minimum scores 500/500 (Critical Reading/Math).
  • ASTB scores (Pilot/NFO option only).  ASTB Information can be found here.
  • Official High School Transcripts from every high school and technical school.
  • Official College transcripts from every college ever attended (if in an envelope- open them).  For those who possess a 2yr degree it is strongly recommended to verify your degree is documented in your JST and/or college transcript.  Otherwise, points will not be awarded.
  • Unofficial copy of JST.
  • Additional Documents (Certificates, awards).
  • Last three PFA cycles printed from PRIMS.  Two most recent PFAs (cycle 2, 2016 and cycle 1, 2017) must be GOOD LOW overall or better (unless waived).  If PRIMS access is unavailable, have your CFL use this form.  (Download here: PFA for STA-21 MS Word Icon)
  • Photograph (Nuclear applicants only).
  • Pg 13 "Statement of Understanding" for each option that you are applying for: MS Word Icon
  • Nuclear-trained personnel assigned to a Nuclear Training command or holding a Nuclear NEC (335x, 336x, 338x, or 339x) applying to a Non-Nuclear Officer commissioning program must obtain a conditional release from Nuclear Field Duty by submitting a NAVPERS 1306/7 to the Nuclear Propulsion Program Management Branch, OPNAV (N133), and their detailer (PERS-403).  NAVADMIN 177/17 applies. 
  • Photograph (Nuclear Option applicants only). Applicant's current photograph (color) taken within the year of application.  Use NAVPERS 1070/884 Officer Submission Sheet.  Photograph will be approximately  4" wide x 6" high, full-length, three-quarter view, uncovered with left shoulder forward, against a contrasting background.  The preferred uniform shall be Service Khaki, uncovered.  When Service khaki is unavailable, any regulation uniform is acceptable.  The applicant's name and the date the photograph was taken must appear in the photograph.  MILPERSMAN 1070-180.

Applicant submits selection package to the command after all items above are received/completed.

2. Part II (Completed by Command):

  • CO endorsement.  (View sample MS Word Icon).
  • CO Recommendation.  (Download here MS Word Icon).
  • (3) Officer Interview appraisal sheets (Internal Board).  Designator/billet title is required.  (Download here PDF Icon).  CO is chairperson and does not submit an appraisal sheet.
  • Nomination Review Board Chairperson Recommendation Form.  Chairperson must not be junior to command CO if in same chain-of-command.  (Download here MS Word Icon)
  • (3) Officer Interview appraisal sheets (External Board).  (Download here PDF Icon).  External chairperson does not submit an appraisal sheet.
  • Interview Guidance/Interview Verification Form (Signed and dated by both COs).  (Download here MS Word Icon).

Once the command has completed Part II of the selection package it is highly recommended that the command make a copy of the entire selection package prior to mailing.  It does not go back to the member to be mailed.  The selection package is to remain in the custody of the command.  The command mails the selection package to:

250 Dallas St, Suite A
Pensacola, FL 32508

STA-21 On-line Application Page

To apply to the STA-21 program you must use your CAC from an NMCI computer or from a PC with a CAC Reader. Once you click on the 'LOGIN' button below, you will have to register at the NETFOCUS Login screen by clicking the (CAC User Registration) button. You will then receive an Account Activation email which will contain a link to verify your email address. Click this link, then login using the (CAC User Login) button. Upon successful CAC login, you will see the STA-21 Application link.

If you are unable to login, please contact NOLA Help Desk: Email Icon (
Phone: 1-800-537-4617 Opt 8

This page allows you to:
  • Electronically complete and submit Initial Application.
  • Easily update your Initial Application data (change phone number, address, etc.).
  • Quickly check the status and/or receipt of your application (ensure NSTC has received all parts).
  • Download important forms needed for mail-in portion of application.
  • Conveniently check selection board results and program start date.
  • In order to run this Application, your browser must accept 128 bit encryption.
    Direct any questions to Email Icon

The "Submit Application" function will be disabled 01 July of the current application year.

The "Check Status" function will be disabled 01 September for this application year.

Changes to specific program option requirements will be announced in an upcoming NAVADMIN. The NAVADMIN will be posted to the website.

These changes may or may not affect your eligibility for a specific option. It is Strongly Recommended that you check the website frequently for any new/updated program option changes and verify your package/application eligibility.

PLEASE NOTE: The online application page where you can register, submit, change, or view your application is:

If you experience web browser problems accessing the application, it may be necessary to install the DOD root certificates.
Click herePlease click here to fix.

LOGIN to STA-21 On-line Application

  Last updated: April 17th, 2020  
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