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Program Entrance Requirements
  • U.S. Citizenship, a Naturalized U.S. Citizen or in process of becoming a Naturalized U.S. Citizen.
    • Note: Scholarship selectees must be a U.S. Citizen in order to activate the scholarship.
      Scholarship selectee must obtain their U.S. citizenship and activate their scholarship within the first academic year after the stated scholarship offer begin date listed in their scholarship notification letter or their scholarship offer will be rescinded.
      Retroactive benefits will not be approved for those selectees who delayed activating their scholarship due to not obtaining their U.S. citizenship.
      Applicants with dual citizenship may apply and, if selected, activate their scholarship but must renounce their citizenship to the other country and surrender the passport for that country in order to continue in the Navy ROTC Program.
  • Not less than 17 years old and not yet 23 by September 1 of the year starting college.
  • Must not have reached 27th birthday upon graduation and commissioning.
  • Applicants with prior military service may be eligible for age adjustments for amount of time equal to their prior service, on month-by-month basis, for maximum of 36 months, if they will not reach their 29th birthday upon commissioning.
  • Applicants must have no criminal record of military or civilian offenses pending or federal convictions.
  • High school graduation or equivalency certificate by August 1 of year of entrance into four-year Navy ROTC Scholarship program.
  • No moral obligations or personal convictions that prevent conscientious bearing of arms and supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic or to taking an oath to perform such acts.
  • Medically qualified by Navy or Marine Corps standards.
  • You must not have any body piercing or tattoos that violate Navy or Marine Corps policy.
  • Navy and Nurse Option Only
    • Students with 30 or more semester hours or students with 45 or more quarter hours of college credit upon submission of the online application are not eligible for the NROTC National Scholarship. It is recommended that these students contact the Professors of Naval Science at the Host University's NROTC Unit to discuss other scholarship opportunities.
      • College credits do not count until an applicant has graduated high school and completed a term of college; then all college credits earned (prior to and after high school graduation) count towards the eligibility requirements.
      • If you are a high school graduate and complete a term of college prior to submitting your application, all college credits earned (in high school and in college) are counted towards the credit limit.
      • If you are a high school graduate and are currently attending/enrolled in college, all college credits anticipated to be earned during the application year (defined as April to December) will count towards the credit limit.
  • Marine Option Only
    • High school students who have completed less than 30 college credits can be submitted for the Four-Year National scholarship, prior to graduating from High school.
  • You must be within Navy or Marine Corps height/weight standards when you report.
  • Apply for and gain admission to an approved Navy ROTC college or university. Admission to an Navy ROTC institution is not required during the selection process; however, notification of admission must be received before the scholarship can be activated.
  • Students may apply for only one of three program options-Navy, Marine Corps or Nurse.
  • Active duty Navy applicants are ineligible to apply for Navy ROTC program through COMNAVCRUITCOM. Active members of other branches of the military may apply if granted a conditional release. Individuals who are scheduled for boot camp may apply provided they complete all required application evolutions (i.e. officer interview, etc.). Applicants shall not ship to Boot Camp RTC prior to notification of selection or non-selection.  Applicants who chose to ship to Boot Camp prior to selection/non-selection notification must notify NSTC (OD2), in writing, that they wish to withdraw their application.
  • Navy and Nurse-option applicants should apply online or through Navy recruiting offices.
  • Marine Corps applicants should apply online or through Marine Corps recruiting offices.
  • You may start the process of applying during the second semester of your junior year of high school. Before the application can be finalized and forward for selection consideration, you must ensure that a copy of your complete transcript including your entire junior year is forwarded to your recruiter.
  • Marine Option Only
    • Students who are enrolled as freshmen in a 4-Year University or college are not eligible for the Four-Year National scholarship. It is recommended that these students contact the Professor of Naval Science at the Host University's NROTC Unit to discuss other scholarship opportunities.

**For those Navy/Nurse Option applicants who will graduate high school before or during the application period (defined as 1 April to 31 December) you must provide complete 9th thru 12th grade high school transcripts.

If you have attended college, or plan on attending college in the fall of the application period, you must submit the following additional information:

  • All college transcripts including the completed fall term of the application period.

  • If not participating in the NROTC program as a College Program Midshipmen, a teacher evaluation or letter of recommendation from one of your college professors, submitted after the end of the Fall term.

  • If participating in the NROTC Program as a College Program Midshipmen, the officer interview must be conducted with an Officer at the Navy ROTC Unit at your college and submitted after the Fall term.

  • If you are not attending college, or do not plan to attend college in the Fall of the application period, you must submit the following additional information:

  • A statement describing your activities during this period or letter of recommendation from your employer.
  • Applications will not be considered by the board until the information requested above is received. You should provide the information to your Navy ROTC Coordinator or email PDF documents to: pnsc_nrotc_applications@navy.mil

    In order to avoid exceeding the 30 college credit limit, you should submit your application prior to the end of your Fall term of college. You can submit your Fall term transcripts after you have submitted you application.

    **For those Navy/Nurse Option applicants who will graduate after the application period closes (31 December) but no later than August 1 of the year of entrance into a four-year Navy ROTC Scholarship program, you must provide complete 9th thru 11th grade transcripts.

      Last Updated:  April 28th, 2020  
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