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The US Navy has openings for qualified musicians!

Being a Navy Musician is a very exciting career! You get to combine the adventure of being a member of "America's Navy" with the job of performing many types of music, both at home and abroad! Navy Musicians travel frequently, perform in a wide range of venues, and serve as musical ambassadors for the US Navy.

In addition to being musically qualified, Navy Musicians are held to the strictest standards of personal appearance and fitness. If you are interested in scheduling an audition to be a part of the US Navy Music Program , please contact your local recruiter. It is highly recommended for you to reference the Navy Band's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page or the Fleet Band's FAQ Page , and you may also contact the Navy Band Great Lakes Audition Supervisor for more information.

Note: It is very difficult to transfer to the MU rating after entry into the Navy. If you are interested in becoming a Navy Musician, complete an audition prior to signing a Delayed Entry Program (DEP) or enlistment contract.

Audition Requirements

The Navy Music Program does not have doubling requirements on any instrument!
Click on your instrument below to see audition requirements:

Electric Bass

You may also visit the Navy Band's Job Opportunities Page for more information.

Contact Information

Navy Band Great Lakes Audition Supervisor
Phone : 847-688-4760 x 12
Fax : 847-688-3796

  Last updated: July 13th, 2018  
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