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Training Support Center San Diego
Welcomes to Training Support Center, San Diego
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Training Support Center (TSC) San Diego provides centralized student management, facilities, information technology, and training support to the following Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) supported commands in the Pacific Region:
Center for Service Support
Surface Warfare Officers School
Submarine Learning Center
Center for Surface Combat Systems
Center for Security Forces
Center for Information Warfare Training
Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training
The goal of TSC San Diego is to assist learning centers in meeting the training requirements of the fleet. The TSC is not responsible for conducting any training courses. Instead we work closely with area learning centers to eliminate administrative and personnel time constraints so they can focus on offering quality, up-to-date training that is consistent across all fleet concentration areas. TSC also interacts with type commanders, the Afloat Training Group, and fleet training officers to ensure all commands in the Pacific fleet meet training requirements.

LOCATION: 3975 Norman Scott Road, San Diego, California 92136
DUTY PHONE NUMBERS: QD: 619-556-8372
DSN prefix: 526-XXXX
For Training Support Department, Western Pacific (TSD WESTPAC), go to

Detailed information about individual training conducted by NETC schools can be found on MNP