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Training Support Center San Diego
Command Overview

Before the Revolution in Training, the Training Support Center (TSC) San Diego was known as the Fleet Training Center San Diego, and our mission was to create, deliver, and administratively support training for students in nearly every rate. Fleet leaders realized that because all of these functions were conducted locally, the quality a nd subjects of training were rarely similar across each Fleet concentration area. The need to centralize training procedures around the world was substantial, and thus individual Learning Centers and the Training Support Centers were born. Today, each area of study throughout the Navy falls under one Center. The Center for Naval Engineering, the Center for Information Technology, and the Center for Service Support are just a few examples. It is the responsibility of the Learning Centers to develop curriculum and determine the best instruction procedures for training.

The goal of the TSC is to assist the Learning Centers in meeting the training requirements of the Fleet. The TSC is not responsible for conducting any training courses, instead we work closely with area Learning Centers to eliminate administrative and personnel time constraints on those Centers so they can focus on offering quality, up-to-date training that is consistent across all Fleet concentration areas. TSC also interacts with TYCOMS, the Afloat Training Group, and individual ships' Training Officers to ensure ships are able to meet the training requirements of the Inter-Deployment Training Cycle.

TSC San Diego is located in Building 3290 on Naval Station San Diego. Check out MNP for driving directions by clicking on this link.


To provide centralized student management and leadership, information technology and infrastructure oversight in the Southwest Region and Japan to support NETC Learning Sites in the execution of their mission. Support Type Commanders and their operational units in the Pacific Rim to maximize training opportunities.

  • Provide centralized Student Management and Leadership in the Southwest Region and Japan to include international students under the Security Assistance Training Program
  • Manage Centralized Quota Control for courses taught throughout the Pacific Rim
  • Partner with Type Commanders to provide training liaison support to their operational units in the Pacific Rim
  • Optimize training opportunities for all Department of Defense interests in the Pacific Rim
  • Support Center Learning Centers/Sites in their mission in the Southwest Region and Japan
  • Provide centralized Information Technology oversight in the Pacific Rim
  • Provide centralized space management/facilities infrastructure oversight in the Southwest Region and Japan


To be a responsive organization with the flexibility and technical expertise to support NETC current and future mission requirements.


  • Provide mission ready students in response to fleet requirements.
  • Use standardized business practices to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Partner with Type Commanders in the Pacific Rim to meet their subordinate units’ individual training requirements.
  • Optimize resources to ensure an effective and efficient training support command.
  • Maintain a responsive, accountable, and data driven organization
Training Support Center San Diego Leadership
Commanding Officer
Captain Michael S. Feyedelem

Commanding Officer,
Training Support Center San Diego
Executive Officer
Lieutenant Commander Justin M. Santos
Executive Officer,
Training Support Center San Diego
Executive Director
Scott L. Trulove
Executive Director,
Training Support Center San Diego
Command Master Chief
CMDCM(AW/SW) Christopher D. Cline

Command Master Chief,
Training Support Center San Diego
DSN Prefix for 556 numbers: 526 Commercial area code 619
Command/Directorate Contact Numbers
N00 - Commanding Officer 556-8328
N01 - Executive Director 556-8327
N01A - Executive Officer 556-9640
N00A - Command Master Chief 556-8330
N00S - Executive Secretary 556-8328
N00J - Legal Director 556-8359
N01C - Chaplain 571-0557
N01D - DAPA 556-8332
N01E - Command Audit Officer 556-8555
N01F - Safety Officer 556-8349
N01P - Public Affairs Officer 556-0813
N01H - Civilian Manpower/HR Liaison 556-3333
Command Ombudsman 204-1232
N1A - Manpower/Staff Admin LCPO 556-8336
N13 - Command Career Counselors 556-8838
N3A - Student Management, Senior Enlisted Advisor 767-6550
N31 - Service Center San Diego Site Manager 556-2155
N32 - Service Center Point Loma Site Manager 524-0410
N33 - Service Center North Island Site Manager 767-1436
International Training 556-6633
N41 - Facilities Support/Trouble Call Office 556-5476
N6A - Electronic Classroom (ECR) Help Desk 556-8333
N61 - Configuration Management 556-7099
N62 - Operations & Infrastructure 556-9445
N62A - ECR Support 556-8698
N63 - Information Assurance Manager 556-9665
N64 - NMCI Support Deputy Customer Tech Rep (DCTR) 556-8353
N64A - NMCI Support Activity Customer Tech Rep (ACTR) 556-9536
TYCOM Liaison 556-9159
N72 - Training Allocations Manager 556-0480
N8C - Budget/Accounting 556-8422/8423
N81 - Supply/APC Purchase Card 556-6252/8418


Welcome aboard, and congratulations on receiving orders to the Training Support Center San Diego. If you have dependents or if you plan to live off base, the housing situation is not of a critical nature. Housing prices in the San Diego area are probably more expensive than you are used to paying, but there are still some affordable areas for those who have the time and patience to search.

If you are checking-in Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., report to room 605 in building 3290 on the dry side of the 32nd St Naval Station. After hours check-ins can be completed at the Quarterdeck located on the first floor of 3290. The working uniform for staff Officers and CPOs is service Khakis year round. Parking for staff is located directly in front of building 3290 in any of the spaces marked Staff/CPO, but you should attain a Staff parking sticker before you park in any of these spots to avoid being ticketed. Before you receive your staff sticker you may park in the student lot, located on Norman Scott Road directly across from the base bowling alley.

For further assistance, or for answers to other questions, contact the TSC quarterdeck/OOD at (619) 556-8372.


You have accepted a position at Training Support Center(TSC), San Diego. Congratulations and welcome.

Upon arrival at Naval Station, San Diego, you should first report to the TSC's Civilian Liaison's Office in Building 3290, Room 600, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. or the Quarterdeck after working hours.