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Training Support Center Great Lakes
Command Overview
  • Training Support Center (TSC) Great Lakes, previously known as Service School Command (SSC), was established in September 2004. TSC provides 24 hour supervision, training and mentorship to over 11,000 18 to 25 year old new apprentice- level Sailors. TSC also provides functional support to Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) Learning Sites (LS) in Great Lakes, including Center for Surface Combat Systems, Surface Warfare School Command, NETC General Skills Training, Center for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Diving and Naval Special Warfare Preparatory School.
    • Naval Military Training Instructor (NMTI)
      • Like Recruit Division Commanders, the NMTIs (signified by the red and white aiguillette) continue the 24/7 training on military professionalism. NMTIs make up approximately 80% of our enlisted military staff and most are stationed full-time in the ships (barracks) providing around-the-clock mentorship.
    • LifeSkills
      • During their first week aboard TSC, all apprentice-level Sailors are enrolled in the NETC GST LifeSkills curriculum. This course provides Sailors with the knowledge and skills to increase personal, family and operational readiness by providing the fundamentals of Personal Financial Management (PFM), the tools to actively intervene and effectively prevent misconduct and destructive decisions, and the resources to make personal and professional decisions aligned to our Navy Core Values. The course convenes 48 weeks each year with an average of 200-350 students enrolled each week. Facilitated by certified LifeSkills Instructors, the curriculum furthers the ‘Sailorization’ of Sailors as they prepare to man the Fleet.
    • Mission - Provide leadership and professional development of Sailors and functional support to NETC LS.
      • Coordinate and execute Navy Military Training/Sailorization/LifeSkills
      • Student Management
      • Fiscal, business management, logistical, contract management and facilities support
      • Student control and CeTARS, the authoritative training management data base
      • Information technology support and information assurance compliance
      • Administrative and organizational support
TSC GL Organization
Training Support Center Great Lakes Leadership
Commanding Officer
Captain Edward L. Heflin

Commanding Officer,
Training Support Center, Great Lakes
Executive Officer
Commander Jason Juergens

Executive Officer
Training Support Center, Great Lakes
Executive Director
Mr. Michael C. Bilak
Executive Director and
Training Support Director (N7)
Training Support Center, Great Lakes
Command Master Chief
CMDCM (SS) Randy Reid

Command Master Chief
Training Support Center, Great Lakes
Training Support Center
Headquarters Phone: (847) 688-3536/3422
DSN: 792
320A Dewey Ave
Great Lakes, IL 60088-5100
Public Affairs Office
COMM: (847) 688-4862/5454 X174/x161
DSN: 792
320A Dewey Avenue
Great Lakes, IL 60088-5100

Sponsor Program
COMM: (847) 688-4862 x257
DSN: 792
Reverse Sponsor Program
COMM: (847) 688-4762 X113
DSN: 792
Training Support Center, Great Lakes seal

The traditional gold rope symbolizes that through continued training and support to the Fleet, we are the world's finest Navy. The Trident represents command ashore. The color white signifies integrity and purity of purpose. Dark blue and gold, the traditional Navy colors, symbolize the sea and excellence. The star represents the heart of training in the region that TSC is located. The foundation and pillars exemplify the personal and professional development through technical training and Navy Military Training. TSC is the foundation for which Sailors apply the core values; honor, courage and commitment. The book supported by the pillars, symbolizes the knowledge for the training sites supported by TSC. The anchor represents the Surface Navy. The eagle, our national symbol, portrays swiftness, strength and constant vigilance.

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