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Training Support Center Hampton Roads
TSC HR Dam Neck Staff Check-In Information

All TSC HR Staff members report directly to TSC HR at NAS Oceana Dam Neck Annex, Walker Hall, Building 199, room 146.

Check-in after normal work hours, weekends, and holidays: report to Taylor Hall Quarterdeck, commercial (757) 492-6234, DSN 492-6234. Then report to Admin Services Department first normal work day.

From: Norfolk International Airport (ORF) 2200 Norview Ave Norfolk, VA 23518 US
To: Blddg. 127TH, NAS Oceana Dam Neck Annex, Virginia Beach, VA 23461-2003 US

Approximate cab far is $42.00

Driving Directions
1. Start out going WEST. (0.14 miles)
2. Turn LEFT. (0.12 miles)
3. Take the I-64 ramp toward AIRPORT EXIT. (0.13 miles)
4. Turn LEFT onto NORVIEW AVE. (1.32 miles)
5. Merge onto I-64 E/HAMPTON ROADS BELT toward VA BEACH/CHESAPEAKE. (4.26 miles)
6. Merge onto I-264 E via EXIT 284A toward VA BEACH. (3.74 miles)
7. Take the INDEPENDENCE BLVD exit- EXIT 17A- toward PRINCESS ANNE. (0.19 miles)
8. Merge onto VA-410 E. (4.95 miles)
9. Turn LEFT onto DAM NECK RD (Gate access required). (6.70 miles)
10. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto REGULUS AVE. (0.45 miles)
11. End at Taylor Hall, Bldg 127TH on your left, parking on your right, Regulus Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23461-2003 US

Total Estimated Time: 35 minutes Total Distance: 21.98 miles

Berthing Information

Visitors Quarters (Per Diem and Space A):

-NAS Oceana Dam Neck Annex-(757) 492-6606, 7013, 7014

-NAS Oceana-(757) 433-2574

-JEB Little Creek - FT Story-(757) 462-7522/7523.

-Norfolk Navy Housing-(757)445-2832
7924 14th St.
Norfolk, VA 23505-1217
Toll Free 1 (800) 628-7510
FAX (757)445-6935
Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m., Monday - Friday

Central Reservations:

- Mid-Atlantic Family Housing

-(877) 986-9258

For further information contact:

Community Housing
Government Quarters

Galley Hours, Prices, and Directions to Area Galley Facilities

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