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SWOS Basic Division Officer Course (BDOC)
Orders to BDOC!

Welcome to all students that received orders to the Basic Division Officer Course.

- Student Check-in Procedures: Upon arrival, report to Naval Base San Diego (dry side) and proceed to Training Support Center, San Diego (TSC SD), 3975 Norman Scott Road. If you have any questions regarding where to report, please call the TSC SD Quarterdeck, (619) 556-8372, or TSC SD Student Support Office, (619) 556-2155/6979.

During normal business hours: If you are reporting for a class that begins on Monday or the first work day after a Monday holiday, report to Basic Division Officer Course Classrooms located in bldg 3292 on the second deck. Check-in registration begins at 7:00 am.

After normal business hours or on weekends and holidays: Report to TSC SD quarterdeck, Bldg. 3290, to check-in. TSC SD duty personnel will assist with billeting and provide further reporting instructions.

- Uniforms: The uniform for class is typically NWUs. However, there are times that you will be required to wear your seasonal Dress Uniform, Coveralls and official PT Uniform.

- Parking for students is located on Norman Scott Road directly across from Bldg 3292, or NEX parking lot. Unauthorized vehicles parked in the Staff lot or designated parking spaces will be ticketed and/or towed.

- Academics: BDOC is an 8 week course with several exams, practical work sheets, and simulator sessions designed to solidify your foundations as a Surface Warfare Officer.

- Preparation: While each module throughout the course is challenging, the topic requiring the most extra study time is the Rules of the Road (RoR) Module. To successfully pass BDOC, each student must pass a Rules of the Road Exam with a score of 90% or higher. The test is made up of 50 questions, compiled from the USCG standardized test bank. It is highly recommended that students come with a solid working knowledge of Rules of the Road. The course includes 6 hours of instruction on Rules of the Road, however additional study will most likely be required to successfully pass the exam.

- Recommend bring a laptop or tablet to aide in note taking and studying classroom material.

    - All powerpoints and lessons can be accessed at the following link on My Navy Portal:
  1. Sign into MNP
  2. Go to

Good study aids for RoR:
Read the book!

Any other questions you may have prior to the course convening date please contact our office at 619) 556-9844/9837.

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