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SWOS Learning Site Norfolk
Reporting Aboard

Welcome, BDOC students, and congratulations on joining the Surface Warfare community!

Check-In Procedures: Upon arrival in the Hampton Roads area, report to Training Support Center (TSC), Naval Station Norfolk (Bldg N-30, 1474 Gilbert St) to get your orders stamped. N-30 is located on the north side of Gilbert Street on the corner of Bainbridge Ave, by Gate 3A. Parking is across the street adjacent to the Parade Ground. TSC Student Admin is in Room 133, down the hallway on the right.

On the first morning of your class convening, report to TSC (Bldg N-30, Room 133) at 0630 for check-in. Bring your orders with you. You do not need to bring medical or dental records, but remember to pack notebook paper and a pen for taking notes!

Lodging: If your homeport is Hampton Roads (Norfolk or Little Creek) and you have not yet established a residence here, you may be entitled to 10 days of Temporary Living Expenses (TLE) to allow you to stay in base lodging while you find a place to live. If your homeport is not Hampton Roads or you are utilizing TLE:

  • Contact the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites (NGIS) on Naval Station Norfolk at (757) 394-9164 as early as possible to arrange lodging accommodation.
  • If the NGIS has no availability, contact the Navy Lodge at (757) 489-2656 for a reservation.
  • If both NGIS and the Navy Lodge are unavailable, obtain a Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA) from NGIS to seek accommodations in town at a local hotel at the government rate. Keep your receipts!

Entitlements: : If not stationed in Hampton Roads, you can receive an advance of 80% of the Per Diem Rate to help cover the cost of food and lodging during the course. The remaining 20% will be paid once you report to your ship and fill out a travel claim. Visit to see your entitlements. We will assist you with this paperwork at check-in on the first day of the convening.

If you are stationed in Hampton Roads, you are not eligible for a rental car. However, if you are permanently stationed out-of-area, you may be eligible for reimbursement for a rental car if it’s written into your orders. Work with your commissioning source to ensure the rental car, if needed, is authorized in your orders before reporting to BDOC.

Uniforms and Attire: The uniform of the day is NWUs. Graduation ceremonies will be conducted in Summer Whites in Spring/Summer and Service Dress Blues in Fall/Winter. We highly recommend you also bring coveralls for the firefighting trainer and wet trainer.

We also provide multiple opportunities for students to interact with senior officers on the waterfront. For these events, appropriate business casual clothing is required. For men, bring khaki slacks and a collared shirt; women should bring appropriate blouse and slacks/skirt, or a dress.

Finally, be sure to familiarize yourself with Navy Uniform Regulations and Grooming Standards. Note that air travel is not permitted in NWUs.

Parking: Student parking is located on Piersey St directly across from Bldg D-29. Additional parking is available in the C-9 lot between Piersey St and Morris St. BDOC classrooms are located on the southern side of building D-29.

Academics: BDOC is a fast-paced, rigorous course. You’ll demonstrate your knowledge in six written exams, as well as through practical exercises and simulator sessions. While each module is challenging, we encourage you to start preparations now for the Rules of the Road examination, which requires a 90% score to pass. The exam is made up of 50 questions compiled from the US Coast Guard’s standardized test bank.

It is highly recommended that students come to BDOC with a solid working knowledge of Rules of the Road. We encourage you to purchase your own copy of the Navigation Rules and Regulations Handbook and begin familiarizing yourself with the rules. Test your knowledge with practice quizzes by visiting the USCG website or using the free eDivo app on your iPhone or Android.

The entire BDOC curriculum can be accessed on Navy Knowledge Online from a CAC-enabled computer. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Sign into NKO
  2. Click “Organizations and Communities” on the top navigation bar, then “Learning Sites”
  3. Click “Surface Warfare Officer School” near the bottom under “Officer Learning”
  4. Click “N72-BDOC Portal” on the left-hand navigation menu
  5. Click “ Basic Division Officer Course” under “Documents and Media”

Preparation: In addition to familiarity with Rules of the Road (see above), we recommend that you spend some time reviewing maneuvering boards and standard commands to the helm. If you report to your ship for an I-STOP prior to reporting to BDOC, use the time to work on shipboard qualifications, including OOD In-Port, SRF-B, Small Boat Officer, Basic Damage Control, and SWO Engineering, and CIC Watch Officer, each of which will help you succeed at BDOC.

Leave and Liberty: Travel by car less than 400 miles from BDOC may be authorized on a case-by-case basis after a safe driving plan is approved by the Officer-in-Charge. Travel by air may be authorized on a case-by-case basis after an itinerary is approved by BDOC staff. Do not purchase plane tickets for travel during a course convening without prior approval from BDOC staff. Leave is required to travel more than 400 miles by car. Leave from BDOC will not normally be granted, except in unusual circumstances.

If you have any other questions prior to your course convening, please contact our office at (757) 444-0113.

You can also find us on Facebook at

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