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Surface Warfare Officers School Unit Great Lakes, IL
SWOSU offers 37 courses of instruction including 2 accession pipeline schools, 8 engineering ‘A’ schools covering all surface engineering rates (DC, EN, EM, GSE, GSM, HT, MM, MR), Quartermaster ‘A’ school and 27 engineering ‘C’ Schools critical to the awarding of 6 NEC’s to our Surface Sailors.
Accession Courses of Instruction
Future engineers begin their careers with E-PACT (Engineering Professional Apprenticeship Career Track), a 19-day course designed to teach all engineering rates the basic skills necessary to assimilate rapidly into a shipboard engineering environment upon arrival to their first ship. While a small percentage of these students will transfer to the fleet as undesignated Firemen, most will continue to a second 13-day course of instruction referred to as BECC Advanced (Basic Engineering Common Core Advanced) where they learn more advanced engineering principals and theory. After completing BECC-A, students then attend more specific rate-based training in one of seven engineering ‘A’ schools, each focused on delivering in depth, rate specific training; rating ‘A’ schools range in length from 5 to 31 days. On average, a rated Sailor attending the Engineering accession pipeline will receive approximately 30% CBT, 20% Instructor Led Training and 50% Hands-On Training.

Download the Student Handbook HERE.

Future Quartermasters (QM) begin their careers attending the QM ‘A’ School where they learn basic bridge watch standing to include an introduction to the Voyage Management System and other skills needed to stand pay grade appropriate underway watches with minimal supervision. Graduates will require further training prior to performing fully unsupervised basic underway watch station duties.

"C" Schools
For returning fleet Sailors, SWOSU offers a total of 27 ‘C’ schools that result in the awarding of 6 NEC’s for the HT, GSE, GSM, EN, MM & EM ratings. SWOSU is the only NETC Learning Site to offer courses for Non-Destructive Testing and Cargo/Weapons Elevator operation and maintenance.
School House Contacts
Bldg 2B – Quartermaster ‘A’ School 847-688-6464 ext 108
Bldg 215 - Cargo / Weapons Elevator ‘C’ School 847-688-7010 ext 111
Bldg 322 - Electrical Strand and EM ‘C’ Schools 847-688-3223
Bldg 325 - GS Strand 847-688-3530
Bldg 329 - EN ‘A’ School 847-688-4895 ext 110
Bldg 236 - B.E.C.C. 847-688-7300 ext 200
Bldg 238 - EN ‘C’ School 847-688-4895 ext 110
Bldg 238 - GSE ‘C’ Schools 847-688-4896
Bldg 239 - MM ‘A’ School 847-688-3522
Bldg 510 - DC Schoolhouse 847-688-3222
Bldg 520 - HT ‘A’ and NDT ‘C’ Schools 847-688-2059/2088
Bldg 523- MR ‘A’ School 847-688-2935
Bldg 6224- GSM ‘C’ Schools 847-688-3576
Opportunities for Fleet Feedback
Looking to make a difference? We need fleet feedback to improve the quality and content of instruction we provide to Accessions and Fleet Returnee Sailors. This process starts with a Human Performance Requirement Review (HPRR) conducted with SMEs across the waterfront.

Purpose of a Human Performance Requirement Review (HPPR).

During a HPRR, training commands work with fleet experts to complete a comprehensive review of existing training against validated fleet requirements, system and platform requirements and community or career management needs.

A HPPR is a process to revalidate individual training requirements and or identify new training requirements as they apply to rate, grade, community, course, systems configuration, or fleet operating procedures. They are conducted on Learning Center Courses of instruction within a 36 month cycle, unless a triggering event occurs requiring more frequency. Policy and guidance is provided by NETC to the roll players such as CCMM, Learning Center CO, Learning Center HHPR coordinator, Executive steering committee, and the key Stake Holders(Fleet Operational commands).

HPPRs are triggered four ways, Requested by Requirement Sponsor, Fleet Feedback, Course Surveillance, Curriculum Control Authority directed. Once triggered all interested parties are notified through several messages sent via Record Message Traffic.

1. Annual- released 30 days prior to Oct 1 of each FY and outlines the course name, type, and month.

2. Announcement message- 90 days prior to the date prior to the HPRR.

3. Agenda message- 60 days prior updates and confirms announcement message.

4. Action Chit message- Summarizes the HPRR, date completed, lists quick wins, request sponsors provide PO.

Ultimately HPPR's review training so it meets current and future fleet requirements, and gives Sailors the opportunity to voice concerns regarding individual rate training, and the enlisted community's health.

Schedule for upcoming HPPRs

All announcement messages which include time/location/point of contact for scheduled HPPRS can be found on the SWOS Community of practice page on NKO (Organizations and Communities/ Learning Sites/Naval Engineering / SWOS Norfolk HPRR Community of Practice).

For more information on this schedule contact the SWOS HPRR Coordinator: