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Submarine Learning Center
The Submarine Learning Center

The Submarine Learning Center (SLC) is the only Learning Center responsible for officer and enlisted ratings’ individual training as well as all shore-based warfare mission area training.

The SLC integrates technology, organizational alignment, and human performance with training to maintain effectiveness. Instructional design tools and new learning delivery technologies are evaluated and used to improve comprehension and maximize Sailor performance.

Through modernized training, the SLC affects change necessary to meet the Submarine Force expectation of a more agile organization and improved war-fighting readiness.

The SLC is dedicated to providing submarine Sailors the necessary tools to lead the Force by embracing modern training and education systems and integrating those advancements into the Navy's undersea warfare community.

Mission and Vision

The Submarine Learning Center’s mission is management of three major functions:

  • Plan, program, budget, and execute individual and team training for Undersea Warfare Enterprise mission readiness.
  • Develop, assign, and coordinate future undersea warfare training and education solutions and allocate resources to execute undersea warfare training at Commander, Submarine Force's fleet concentration areas.
  • Ensure Fleet Training Readiness supporting Commander Submarine Force (CSF) mission accomplishment

Submarine Learning Center Leadership
Commanding Officer
Captain Aaron M. Thieme

United States Navy,
Commanding Officer,
Submarine Learning Center
Executive Director
Mr. Jonathan P. Houser

Executive Director,
Submarine Learning Center
Command Master Chief
CDMCM (SS) Richard A. Marini

United States Navy,
Command Master Chief,
Submarine Learning Center
Submarine Learning Center
Quarterdeck: DSN 694-1710
Comm (860) 694-1710
Box 29
Groton CT 06349
Command PAO/Webmaster
DSN: 694-3914
Comm: (860) 694-3914
Box 29, Code N011
Groton CT 06349