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Naval School of Music
Marine Detachment
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Mission Statement

The mission of the Marine Detachment is to provide administrative support, career counseling and professional guidance and development for Marine Corps students and staff assigned to the Naval School of Music. We ensure that students receive the best possible leadership and mentorship in order to meet or exceed all established MOS training standards and achieve the same kind of cohesion and operational preparedness that Marine Corps bands experience while operating throughout the Corps.

Inbound Student Information

All students attending the Naval School of Music (NAVSOM) will need the following:

What to Bring:

  • All issued uniforms, including Physical Training gear.
  • Appropriate civilian attire.
  • Orders
  • Medical and Dental records

Do not Bring:

  • Pets
  • Weapons
  • Barbeques

When you arrive at the school, check in with the quarter deck then proceed to the second deck to the Marine Detachment (MARDET) Office. From there you will begin the check in process.

For accommodations and rental information for married Marines and advanced course students please call the MARDET.

For advanced course students call ahead for billeting information.

All students arriving via the airport are responsible for their own transportation to the school.

Course Schedule
  • The Basic Course lasts for 6 months and typically has 18 students per class. Classes start on average once a month. Marines will attend the Basic Course following Marine Combat Training.
  • The Unit Leader Course runs twice a year. Contact PAC-20 for dates and availability.
  • The Senior Musician Course runs once a year. Contact PAC-20 for dates and availability.
  • Both the Unit Leader Course and the Senior Musician Course have limited space, Marines wishing to attend either of these courses need to notify their chain of command and identify themselves as early as possible.
  • More information on the Sound Reinforcement course can be found here.
  • All Marine Unit Leader Course and Senior Musician Course students will execute a PCS move to the school due to the length of the course. This is not a TAD assignment and Marines wishing to attend the school as Geo bachelors may be required to live off base due to the shortage of BEQ rooms on board Joint Expeditionary Forces Little Creek-Ft Story Base.
Contact Information

For Mailing address, driving directions, and other detailed contact information, please see the main NAVSOM contact page.

Marine Detachment 757-462-7504 DSN 235
NAVSOM public Affairs 757-462-7501  
Housing Office 757-462-7448 DSN 235
Boone Clinic 757-462-7332 DSN 235
Tri Care 1-866-645-4584  
Family Support Center 757-462-7563 DSN 235
Navy Lodge 1-800-628-9466  

For Enlistment Auditions Contact your local Recruiter

Reporting Procedures:

Report all incidents of sexual assault to the Marine Detachment, Naval School of Music, Uniformed Victim Advocates during business hours (7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday). After duty hours, and on weekends and holidays, report to the JEB Little Creek 24-hour Helpline.

Sexual Assualt Prevention and Response (SAPR) Victim Advocate 24/7 Duty Phone
JEB Little Creek - Fort Story: 757-438-3455


Commanding Officer
CW03 Christian E. Flores

Senior Enlisted Advisor
Master Gunnery Sergeant William P. Kanteres


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MOS Roadmap

Click here to view the Training and Education Continuum MOS Roadmap.
(current as of 13 Apr 05)

5524 - Marine Musician
5519 - Enlisted Conductor
5521 - Drum Major
5522 - Small Ensemble Leader
5523 - Instrument Repair Tech
5502 - Band Officer