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Naval Technical Training Center
Logistics Specialist (LS)
Logistics Specialist insignia
Logistics Specialist "A" School

The Logistics Specialist Class “A” School is a self-paced course delivered in the Integrated Learning Environment (ILE). The course length is approximately 40 training days.

This course is computer-aided instruction that includes knowledge presentation modules and skills performance applications. The course is intended to provide a basic understanding of Supply and Postal related surface and aviation logistic functions. Training also covers responsibilities within the Naval Supply System both afloat and ashore as well as the operation of the Military Postal System. It is designed to introduce enlisted Naval personnel in pay grades E1 through E3, fleet returnees, Military Sealift Command (MSC), Foreign Nationals, and other personnel to the basic knowledge and skills to perform as Logistics Specialists. Students will receive technical knowledge applying sound customer service skills; identifying material using Navy catalog systems; use of military standard requisition and issue procedures and associated forms; requisition follow-up and receipt procedures; warehouse layout and storage; Naval Supply financial management; and procedures for Military post offices. The students will apply technical knowledge and skills used in functions relating to Aviation Squadrons, Aviation Support Divisions (ASD), Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System (NALCOMIS) Procedures and Relational Supply (R-Supply) Procedures.

Graduates of the course will perform these specific job tasks at the entry level under supervision in a computer-oriented supply and/or postal support environment for naval surface ships, submarines squadrons, aviation squadrons, aircraft carriers, naval air stations, naval stations or reserve communities.

Ship's Serviceman (SH)
Ship's Serviceman insignia
Ship's Serviceman "A" School

The Ship Serviceman Class "A" School is a self-paced course delivered in the Integrated Learning Environment (ILE).

The course is computer-aided instruction followed by practical work sessions. The practical work sessions approximate an "on the job" environment as closely as possible.

The trainee receives training on the following subjects: General Keyboarding; Customer Service and Standard of Conduct; Security, Receipts of Ship’s Store Retail Merchandise; Stowage, Breakouts of Ship Store; Vending Machine, Inventory and Ship’s Laundry. The trainee will also be introduced to several labs. In the Receipts of Ship Store lab, the trainee will be exposed to the procedures of all Receipt Documents 1155,1149, 1348-1a and the procedures for receiving stock. In Breakout Lab, the trainee will perform the tasks needed in order to complete an intra-store transfer. In Vending Machine Lab, the trainee will observe and correct vending machine maintenance, operation and sanitation. In Ship Store Lab, the trainee will display proper cash handling, cash register and PDT (Portable Data Terminal) procedures. In Laundry Lab, the trainee will learn how to properly receive laundry, operating procedures of washing machines, dryers and presses. The trainee will also demonstrate how to press three sets of uniforms and explain all safety features of the laundry equipment.