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Naval Technical Training Center
Yeoman (YN)
Yeoman insignia
Yeoman "A" School

The Yeoman Class "A" School is a self-paced course delivered in the Integrated Learning Environment (ILE).

The course is computer-aided instruction followed by practical work sessions. The practical work sessions approximate an "on-the-job" environment as closely as possible.

The trainee receives training on the following subjects: general keyboarding; customer service and office procedures; Navy publications and technical manuals; introduction to computer literacy and application of various computer programs; proofreading, and mailing of Naval correspondence, filing of Naval correspondence and directives; preparation of Naval messages; computation of annual leave; computation of leave, proceed, and travel time on permanent change of station orders; preparation of NSIPS transactions including Personnel Maintenance, Legal - Unauthorized Absence, Dependency Data, Activity Gains and Losses; familiarization with Pay Entitlement; familiarization with the Officer Distribution Control Report; preparation of the OPNAV 5510/413, NAVPERS 1070/602, SGLV-8286, DD 1172, DD 1351-2; familiarization with DONCAF/Personnel Security Procedures; familiarization with the former Officer Field Service Record; Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act.

Yeoman Flagwriter
Yeoman insignia
Yeoman "C" School

The Yeoman "C" School provides extensive training to top-performing naval personnel in the Yeoman rating to qualify for duty on the personal allowance of flag/general officers and certain other Senior Executive Service (SES) officers in command positions at sea and ashore. Graduates of this course are called "flag writers" and earn the 2514 Naval Enlisted Classification. The course is five weeks long and teaches the subjects of English Grammar and Composition, Fitness Reports, Social Usage and Protocol, Office Management, Flag Officer Schedules and Travel, and Honors and Ceremonies.

Personnel Specialist (PS)
Personnelman insignia
Personnel Specialist "A" School

Personnel Specialist "A" School, a self-paced course designed to provide personnel with the training required to attain the technical knowledge and skills requisite for effective performance as an apprentice. This web-based course will allow each student the opportunity to receive "hands-on" training and practical exercises in developing and building skills to properly perform as a pay and personnel clerk.

After completion of PS "A" school the student will be thoroughly familiar with the Service Record, Pay and Personnel References, Pay Transactions, Pay and Allowances, Computing Taxes, Personnel Transactions, Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Travel Processing, Reenlistments, Extensions, Separations, Creditable Service and a 3-day keyboarding familiarization course.

Aviation Maintenance Administrationman (AZ)
Aviation Maintenance Administrationman insignia
Aviation Administrationman "A" School

The Aviation Maintenance Administrationman (AZ) "A" school is a self-paced computer course designed to train students to perform, under supervision, in Maintenance Admin, Technical Libraries, Maintenance Control/Production Control emphasizing Logs & Records, Aircraft Inventory Reporting, Aircraft Engine Management and Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System (NALCOMIS).