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Navy Supply Corps School
Basic Qualification Course-Navy Reserves (BQC-NR)


The Basic Qualification Course - Navy Reserve (BQC-NR) is a comprehensive course of instruction which provides reserve Direct Commissioning Program Commissioning Officers (DCO) and NAVET redesignations with the fundamental, technical and managerial knowledge necessary to function effectively as Supply Corps officers within the Navy Reserve. The BQC-NR is a combination of on-site training and self-paced correspondence work spanning 15 months. Classes commence three times annually and attendance at all on-site training periods are mandatory in order to graduate.

The BQC-NR curriculum encompasses Supply Management (SM), Food Service (FS), Disbursing Management (DM), Retail Operations (RO), and Leadership and Management (LM). Completion of all elements of the BQC-NR is mandatory and all students must achieve a minimum passing score of 80% for each functional area and an overall course average of 80%.

All incoming students are required to complete DoD Cyber Awareness 2018 training. If you have a CAC card, go to MNP and click the Professional Resources tab at the top of the page. Go to Navy e-Learning->Online Courses. Type in DoD Cyber Awareness and then click the button to enroll and launch the training. Email your completed training certificate to

If you do NOT have a CAC card, go to to complete Cyber Awareness training and email to when completed.

Q: What is the course structure for the BQC-NR program? How many times will I attend training at the Navy Supply Corps School during this program?

A: The BQC-NR program consists of three resident and two distance learning training phases of instruction. At the bottom of this page is a list of the scheduled start dates for each training phase. The initial phase consists of a two-week annual training (AT) period at NSCS. Upon completing resident Phase I, members will complete distance learning Phase I requirements, all of which must be finished at least 30 days prior to returning to NSCS for Phase II resident training. The second phase of the program involves another two-week annual training period at NSCS. Upon completing resident Phase II, members will complete distance learning Phase II requirements, all of which must be finished prior to returning to NSCS for Phase III resident training. The third phase of the program involves a two- week active duty for training (ADT) period at NSCS. After completing Phase III resident training, members will graduate and their designators changed from 3165 to 3105. After each Residence Phase, you will be placed in a seat in the Distance Learning Training that follows it based on your passing of the Resident Phase.

Q: What is DCOIC and how do I sign up for this class?

A: DCOIC stands for "Direct Commissions Officer Indoctrination Course" and is a two-week course conducted in Newport, Rhode Island. This course is a requirement for all DCO candidates and is a prerequisite for the BQC-NR program. Once you have received your commission this will be the first training you will attend. To obtain more information on DCOIC, please visit:

Q: Do I need to complete DCOIC prior to obtaining a seat in a BQC-NR class?

A: Completion of DCOIC is required prior to the start of the BQC-NR Phase I resident training. A member can, however, request a quota for an upcoming BQC-NR class as long as DCOIC is completed prior to arriving in Newport, RI for the start of the BQC-NR program. Failure to complete this course prior to your initial AT will result in loss of the requested BQC-NR quota and subsequent rollback to a later class. Once DCOIC is complete, the member is required to contact the NSCS Reserve Programs division and forward a copy of the completion certificate via E-mail or fax (401-841-4830).

Q: How do I enter my NROWS information for attending the ADT (Graduation)?

A: Some of the phases of resident training may be covered using ADT (Active Duty for Training) funds. When entering your orders into NROWS you will select "ADT-Schools" as your funding source, fund description as "COMNAVRESFOR N7 ADT-SCHOOL (CN ADT-SCHOOL)", and funding source as "ADT School Fleet Programs". You will also need to input the CIN or CDP based on the Resident Phase you will be attending. Order Requirements are submitted via NOSC Newport.

Q: I have been accepted in the Basic Qualification Course - Navy Reserve (BQC-NR) program. How can I apply for a seat in the active Basic Qualification Class (BQC) class?

A: The process for selection originates with Navy Personnel Command (NPC). Based on the number of active duty officers required to fill each of the four BQC classes a year, NPC decides if there will be any seats available for the reserve community. If a seat is allocated to the reserve community, that information is relayed to Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command (CNRFC). CNRFC will then solicit names from the RCC N4s if CNRFC has available funds to send someone to the 20-week course. Once the RCC N4s provide the respective names, CNRFC will make their selection based on their predetermined criteria. Per current CNRFC guidance, if an officer is already a member of a BQC-NR company that has completed any resident training phase, then the member is not eligible to attend the active BQC.

Uniform Requirements:

  • Navy Personnel

    • Mon.-Friday: NWU
    • 1st Friday: Summer Whites/Service Dress Blues
    • Navy PTU (BCA/Class PT sessions)

  • Marine Corps Personnel

    Officer and Enlisted

    • Year Round Prescribed: Utilities/Combat Utilities

  • Army Personnel

    Officer and Enlisted

    • Year Round Prescribed: Class "C"

  • Air Force Personnel

    Officer and Enlisted

    • Year Round Prescribed: Class "B"

  • Coast Guard Personnel

    Officer and Enlisted

    • Year Round Prescribed: Operational Dress Uniform (ODU)

  • Civilian Personnel


    • Year Round Prescribed will be Business Casual

Please select below email POC for quotas into this course and for specific Schoolhouse questions you may contact NSCS Newport at

To obtain a BQC-NR course schedule, please contact or call (COMM) (401) 841-4852 or DSN 841-4852. Thank you.