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Naval Construction Training Center Port Hueneme

Special Construction Battalion Training (SCBT)/"F" Courses

  1. Naval Construction Training Center (NAVCONSTRACEN) Port Hueneme. Quota Control for NCF commands is retained by the Commander, First Naval Construction Group (NCG1), Port Hueneme. All other commands request classes through NAVCONSTRACEN. Both courses and quotas are available based on available resources.
  2. Prerequisites. Prerequisites stated in the course listings must be met by students attending that particular course of instruction. Prerequisite waivers must be requested in writing by the requesting command to the First Naval Construction Group (NCG1) who will coordinate with NAVCONSTRACEN.
  3. Attendance. Attendance at each class session is required for course completion. A student who is absent from any portion which would materially affect his ability to pass, will be dropped from the course and returned to his parent command.
  4. Class Leader. The senior student in each course of instruction will be the Class Leader. She / He will be militarily in charge of the class and will ensure all current regulations and grooming standards are followed by all students.
  5. Record of Training. The class roster will be forwarded by the requesting command, via the appropriate NCG, to the NAVCONSTRACEN no later than ten (10) working days prior to commencement of class to allow for preparation of all course materials, etc. A roster of attendees may be provided by NAVCONSTRACEN after the course concludes and all rosters are entered in CeTARS indicating course completion as applicable.

Special Note: It is recommended personnel who have successfully completed Class "A" School within the past twelve months not be assigned to PRCP Skill Level I courses. Consideration will be made if evaluation of their skill attainment/deficiencies clearly indicates completion of the course would be beneficial to the individual and to the Navy or, any justifiable special needs for upcoming deployments with projects or detachments that are labor intensive in that particular skill area.

"A" and "C1" Schools

  1. Quota Control for "A" and "C1" courses are retained by the Chief of Naval Personnel, BUPERS-291, 401 & 402 respectively. Thirty (30) days prior to class convening Quota Control shifts to NAVCONSTRACEN QCA. All requests for quotas shall be submitted through appropriate chain of command to the Quota Control.
  2. Personnel will submit requests through their chain of command for approval and quota assignment.
  3. Personnel with orders to NAVCONSTRACEN Port Hueneme "A" School and Advanced Courses will report onboard no later than 2400 preceding the class convening date. Students attending these courses are on board to receive training and are not to be recalled by parent commands unless formally approved by NAVCONSTRACEN.
  4. Personnel reporting for duty under instruction must have authority stated in their orders for any leave commencing upon completion of their course.
  5. Academic disenrollment from formal courses will be by the action of an Academic Review Board and the Commanding Officer, NAVCONSTRACEN.

Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) are available for some courses taught at Port Hueneme. These are based on Instructor availability, type of class requested, dates requested, training site location, and the availability of resources (class rooms, shops, tools and equipment).

To request an MTT, the following criterion must be met:

  • Agreement to fund/provide class cost or material
  • Agreement to fund /provide Instructor transportation, lodging, per diem and misc. expense
  • Coordinate with the Training Department for class request and dates
  • Provide in writing a letter to request class after verbal request
  • Make payment/fund training NLT 30 days prior to class convening date
  • Provide adequate shops/classrooms to conduct training
  • Coordinate with instructors on class requirements (Tools & Equipment)

For further information please contact the Training Department at DSN: 551-4171 or COM: (805) 982-4171 or FAX: 551-4987.