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Course Information
Staff Planning

Course Description:
This one week course is designed to provide Civil Engineer Corps Officers (CEC), Naval Officers, and senior enlisted personnel assigned to Naval Construction Force (NCF)an academic and practical course of instruction in expeditionary warfare staff planning.  Students will be cognizant on doctrine, tactics, and techniques of Naval Expeditionary Warfare with a focus on NCF operations.
Personnel Eligible:
This course is primarily intended for Active Duty and Reserve Civil Engineer Corps Officers, Seabee(OF-13)Chief Petty Officers (E7-E9).  Naval Officers and non OF-13 Chief Petty Officers assigned to NCF units may also attend.
Upon request and when supported with sufficient justification, the Commanding Officer, NAVSCOLCECOFF may also grant waivers for attendance by other persons.
Quota Control:
This course is offered by request only and will be conducted on a reimbursable basis.  Class minimum size is 18 personnel with a class maximum of 64 personnel.
Starting in FY11, the NCF OPS ADVANCED course will be split into two 5-day classes.  The first week will be NCF OPS ADVANCED and the second week Staff Planning. Please click on the following link to sign up for the NCF OPS ADVANCED course that corresponds to the Staff Planning course you are planning to attend:
04UH10/5/202010/9/2020Gulfport, MS
04CW11/30/202012/4/2020Port Hueneme, CA
04CW1/11/20211/15/2021Port Hueneme, CA
04UH4/5/20214/9/2021Gulfport, MS
04CW7/26/20217/30/2021Port Hueneme, CA
04UH9/20/20219/24/2021Gulfport, MS