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Course Information
Civil Engineer Corps Officer Basic Qualification / Public Works (PW)

Course Description:

This pipeline is specifically for trainees assigned to a Public Works Department unit as their first tour of duty.

The Civil Engineer Corps (CEC) Officers School Basic Qualification Course Public Works Department is designed to provide junior CEC officers with the fundamental knowledge and skills in construction and facilities management, contracting, and the role of the CEC in the Navy and the Department of Defense (DoD) in order to be immediately effective upon assuming their first assignment.

This umbrella CIN will provide in-depth instruction in the following courses:

CEC Introduction Course (A-4A-0104 / 12MD)

CEC Tactical Training Course (A-4A-0105 / 12ME)

CEC Construction Management Course (A-4A-0106 / 12MF)

Construction Quality Management for Contractors (A-4A-0107 / 12MG)

Construction Hazard Awareness Safety Training (A-4A-0108 / 12MH)

Public Works Department (PWD) Basic (A-4A-0109 / 12MJ)

Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Fundamentals (CON 90) (A-4A-0110 / 12MK)

Fundamentals of Cost and Price Analysis (CON 170) (A-4A-0111)

Division Officer Leadership Course (P-7C-0100)

This course will enable graduating trainees to perform supervisory tasks associated with Navy assignments in both peacetime and contingency operations.

Personnel Eligible:
Newly commissioned CEC officers, Limited Duty Officers, and officers recently transferred to the CEC serving in designators 510X and 653X.
Quota Control:
Attendance is controlled by the Chief, Bureau of Naval Personnel (PERS-4413), Washington, DC 20370-5000 for all officers in a permanent change of station (PCS) status. Other personnel should request quota approval from the Commanding Officer, Code 912.
12MM1/25/20215/7/2021Port Hueneme, CA (PW)
12MM7/19/202110/29/2021Port Hueneme, CA (PW)