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Course Information
Environmental Quality Sampling

Course Description:
This ISEERB approved course is designed to satisfy the training requirements for Navy environmental samplers specified in Chapter 29 (paragraph 5.6) of OPNAVINST 5090.1C (series) by providing training in:
basic sampling techniques (grab/composite/multi-increment  sampling, avoidance of cross contamination, use of preservatives, etc.) specific sampling techniques for the following media:
  • soil, potable water, waste water (including storm water), groundwater and hazardous waste
  • completion of environmental sampling paperwork (e.g. sample container labeling, field log books, chain of custody documentation)
  • health and safety considerations
  • field testing techniques (i.e. use of pH meter, conductivity / total dissolved solids meter, temperature indicator and dissolved oxygen meter)
  • Use of a flow-through cell for micro purging of monitoring wells.
Much of the course time is devoted to hands-on laboratory and field exercises.  The proper use of various types of sampling equipment is demonstrated in the classroom.  Students are given the opportunity to practice using equipment in the laboratory and simulate on-the-job conditions.
The course provides an overview of:
  • the Sampling and Analysis Plan (including the Quality Assurance Plan, the Field Sampling Plan, and the Health and Safety Plan)
  • Sampling Strategies (including statistical and nonstatistical) <li>  Groundwater hydrology
  • Environmental laws and regulations
Personnel Eligible:
Military, civilian, or contractor personnel who collect or oversee the collection of environmental samples (contractors must have military or civilian sponsor) for the Department of Defense / Coast Guard.
474911/2/202011/6/2020Norfolk, VA
47495/10/20215/14/2021Port Hueneme, CA
47498/2/20218/6/2021Dayton, IH