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Course Information
Seabee Chief Petty Officer Management

Course Description:
This two-week course is designed to prepare the Active duty and Reserve Seabee (OF-13) Chief Petty Officer for the transition from lead technician/crew leader to first level manager in the Naval Construction Force or the naval shore establishment.  The course provides personnel and administrative management skills necessary for effective supervision of subordinates, competent response to direction of seniors, and proficient interaction with peers.
Personnel Eligible:
This course is intended for Active duty and Reserve Seabee (OF-13) Chief Petty Officers and those OF-13 First Class Petty Officers who have been selected for advancement to CPO.  Upon request and when supported with sufficient justification, the Commanding Officer, NAVSCOLCECOFF may also grant waivers for attendance by other personnel.
325L1/4/20212/15/2021Port Hueneme, CA
04UJ4/12/20214/23/2021Gulfport, MS
325L7/26/20218/6/2021Port Hueneme, CA