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Course Information
Public Works Dept Advanced

Course Description:
This course is designed to bring Public Works Officers, Deputy Public Works Officers, and other key positions within NAVFAC up-to-date on current policy and programs that support the public works mission. Trainees will learn about current facility engineering initiatives at the Chief of Naval.
Operations, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Supported Commands, and regional and installation levels. Course topics will focus on the core competencies of the shore establishment that fall under the purview of facility managers at an advanced level.
Personnel  Eligible:
Officers: 0-4 and above in Public Works Officer or higher billets;
Civilians: GS-12 and above in NAVFAC Deputy Public Works Officer or higher billets.

Officer trainees must have completed:

Public Works Department Intermediate (A-4A-0113) course

Civilian trainees must have completed:

Public Works Department Intermediate (A-4A-0113) course
Introduction to Facilities Engineering and Acquisition Division (A-4A-0101) course –AND- Introduction to Facilities Management Division and Production Division Operations (A-4A-0102)

Please contact the course director to request a waiver of pre-requisite requirements. Waivers will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will only be approved under extenuating circumstances.
05V33/22/20213/26/2021Washington DC
05V36/7/20216/11/2021Washington DC