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Course Information
Introduction to Hazardous Waste Generation and Handling

Course Description:
This 24 hour course provides information needed by personnel who generate hazardous waste to perform their duties safely and in compliance with legal and Navy policy standards.  The RCRA regulation 40 CFR 262 establishes standards for HW generators.
Generators who accumulate waste for less than 90 days must prepare and implement a training program which complies with the standards in 40 CFR 265.16 which mandates that personnel must be trained to perform their duties in a way that ensures compliance. HMTA 49 CFR 172.704(a)(1) and 172.704(a)(3) require training in hazardous material recognition and identification; and safety for each HAZMAT employee.  <p>HAZWOPER regulations, 29 CFR 1910.120(q)(6)(i) requires personnel who are likely to witness a release of hazardous substances to be trained to an awareness level.  In California, this course covers - Title 22.  For other states, upon request, this course can be modified to include local state laws and requirements.
Topics covered include:
  • Laws and Regulations, Requirements, RCRA Overview and Liabilities
  • Physical and Chemical Properties
  • Toxicology
  • Compatibility
  • Personnel Protective Equipment
  • Safe Handling
  • Hazardous Waste Identification
  • Other Select Wastes
  • Generator Standards
  • Practical Applications - DD Form 1348 Turn-in Document
  • Pollution Prevention
  • DOT POP Markings
  • RCRA Contingency Planning and Hazardous Substances Releases
For technical information (not registration), contact the Course Director, Daniel Jordan, at 805-982-2889 (DSN 551).
Personnel Eligible:
Personnel (military or civilian) who generate, package, handle,  store, transport, or manage hazardous materials or waste in the performance of their duties.
22989/21/20209/23/2020Webinar (0800-1500 Eastern Time)
22989/21/20209/23/2020Webinar (0800-1500 Pacific) California Title 22 Specific
22989/28/20209/30/2020Webinar (0800-1500 Pacific Time)
22989/28/20209/30/2020Webinar – 0800-1500 GUAM
22989/28/20209/30/2020WEBINAR (0800-1500 Eastern Time Zone)
229810/5/202010/7/2020El Centro, CA
229810/12/202010/14/2020Norfolk, VA
229810/13/202010/15/2020Whidbey Island, WA
229810/26/202010/28/2020San Diego, CA
229810/26/202010/28/2020Kitsap, WA
229811/2/202011/4/2020Jacksonville, Fl
229811/30/202012/2/2020Fallon, NV
229812/7/202012/9/2020Port Hueneme, CA
22981/4/20211/6/2021San Diego, CA
22981/4/20211/6/2021Norfolk, VA
22981/11/20211/13/2021Lemoore, CA
22981/25/20211/27/2021Pensacola, FL
22982/1/20212/3/2021San Diego, CA
22982/1/20212/3/2021Whiting Field, FL
22982/8/20212/10/2021NAS JRB Fort Worth, TX
22982/8/20212/10/2021Stennis, MS
22982/22/20212/24/2021Gulfport, MS
22983/22/20213/24/2021Meridian, MS
22983/29/20213/31/2021San Diego, CA
22983/29/20213/31/2021Norfolk, VA
22984/5/20214/7/2021El Centro, CA
22984/5/20214/7/2021Jacksonville, FL
22984/26/20214/28/2021GITMO, Cuba
22985/10/20215/12/2021Key West, Fl
22985/17/20215/19/2021Great Lakes, IL
22985/17/20215/19/2021Corpus Christi, TX
22985/31/20216/2/2021San Diego, CA
22985/31/20216/2/2021Norfolk, VA
22986/21/20216/23/2021Whidbey Island, WA
22986/28/20216/30/2021Kitsap, WA
22987/12/20217/14/2021China Lake, CA
22987/12/20217/14/2021Patuxent River, MD
22987/26/20217/28/2021JB Pearl Harbor Hickam, HI
22988/2/20218/4/2021Gulfport, MS
22988/16/20218/18/2021New Orleans, LA
22988/23/20218/25/2021San Diego, CA
22988/23/20218/25/2021Norfolk, VA
22989/13/20219/15/2021Portsmouth, NH