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Course Information
Advanced Environmental Management

Course Description:
This course prepares civilian and military environmental professionals to effectively manage environmental programs in support of Navy/Marine Corps activities/installations by providing specific information on legal, technical, managerial, and policy aspects of environmental management.
This course covers all management aspects of EPA requirements as apply to Navy/Marine Corps including the following:
  • NEPA
  • Clean Air Act
  • RCRA(Resource Conservation & Recovery Act)
  • Clean Water Act/Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Installation Restoration
  • Emerging Issues
  • CNO Perspectives
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • EPCRA (Emergency Planning & Community Right to Know Act)
  • Environmental Contracts
  • SPCC/SPC Plans
  • Oil and Hazardous Substance Spills
Personnel Eligible:
This course is intended for military (E-7 and above) and civilian (GS-11 and above) personnel responsible for managing environmental programs at Navy and Marine Corps shore activities.

594Z11/30/202012/15/2020Wevinar (0900 - 1300 Pacific, M-TH)
594Z3/8/20213/12/2021Norfolk, VA
594Z5/3/20215/7/2021Newport, RI