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Course Information
Basic Environmental Law

Course Description:
Basic Environmental Law is an ISEERB-approved course that provides DoD personnel with a general survey of Federal environmental statutes and their implementing regulations.  Environmental compliance theory and policy are also covered.
The course mission is to support compliance with all the applicable laws, promote stewardship for our natural resources, and instill an environmental ethic within the DoD workforce.  As applicable, environmental responsibilities unique to ISEERB components are also covered.  Senior DoD environmental attorneys teach this course.
The course includes these topics:
  • Federal System of Law and Government
  • Common Law for Environmental Contamination
  • Sovereign Immunity and related legal theory
  • Environmental Planning (NEPA, CZMA)
  • Natural Resources Protection (Endangered Species Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, Sikes Act, Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and Wetlands Protection)
  • Management of Hazardous Waste (RCRA)
  • Environmental Restoration (CERCLA)
  • Clean Water (Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act,  Marine Protection Act)
  • Control of Toxic Substances (Toxics Substances, Lead, Paint, Asbestos, PCBs, EPCRA)
  • Planning for and Responding to Spills and Releases (Oil Pollution Act, National Contingency Plan)
  • Environmental Enforcement and Crimes
  • Cultural Resources Protection (National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA))
  • Archeological & Historic Preservation Act (AHPA)
  • Native American Graves Protection & Repatriation Act (NAGPRA)
  • American Indian Religious Freedom Act (AIRFA)
Personnel Eligible:
Target Audience: All Military and civilian DoD and United States Coast Guard personnel with environmental responsibilities; facility planners, judge advocate general and attorneys who need a survey of environmental law; public affairs personnel, Commanding Officers and their staff members with environmental duties.
379C1/12/20211/14/2021San Diego, CA
379C3/9/20213/11/2021Pearl Harbor, HI
379C4/13/20214/15/2021Norfolk, VA
379C6/7/20216/9/2021Naples, Italy
379C9/14/20219/16/2021JRB Elmendorf, AK