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Course Information
Division Officer Leadership Course

Course Description:
The Division Officer Leadership Course is designed to resemble the first tour of a Division Officer. A major instructional theme of the course is teaching a junior officer the importance of building and maintaining an effective work climate while providing positive oversight and management of resources.
The Division Officer Leadership Development Program consists of classroom attendance of the Division Officer Leadership Course (DIVOLC). DIVOLC provides junior officers the necessary tools to function as effective leaders at the Division Officer level. Previous completion of the Division Officer Capstone (CIN P-7C-0039) satisfies the requirements for the DIVOLC. The Navy Leadership Development Strategy (NLDS) assigns the following outcomes for the average rank of a Division Officer (O-1 to O-2): Understands and lives relationship of Oath to Navy Core Values; Personal values consistent with Navy Core Values; Practices sound judgment; Enforces rules, regulations and procedures; Valued team leader; Fosters loyalty up and down the chain of command.
The Navy Leadership Competency Model (NLCM) assigns the following competencies to the Division Officer develop program: Accomplishing Mission; Leading People; Leading Change; Working with People; and Resource Stewardship. Students will be applying leadership skill sets based on the content derived from the NLDS and the NLCM. Students may not return to parent command for duty or watch standing IAW NAVADMIN 033/06.
18AA10/19/202010/21/2020Port Hueneme, CA
18AA5/3/20215/7/2021Port Hueneme, CA
18AA9/20/20219/24/2021Port Hueneme, CA