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Course Information
Advancing AN Effective EMS

Course Description:
How do you take your Environmental Management System to the next level? Advancing an Effective EMS will assist you in the next steps of continual improvement ensuring you incorporate and further all aspects of ISO 14001. The class will be offered as a Web Conference and, in addition to instruction, will allow for open forum discussion for members from EMS appropriate facilities to share ideas and many Best-In-Class examples, many of which can be immediately implemented.
Topics include:
Environmental Policy - Enviromental Aspects - Objectives &Targets – Sustainability - Operational Controls -  Emergency Preparedness and Response – Documentation – Competence, Training & Awareness – Regulatory and Other Requirements – Audit Results and Non Conformities – Monitoring and Measurement Requirements – Management Review
Please note that this is not a beginner course on how to implement EMS, rather it will focus on enhancing your existing efforts in alignment with OPNAV 5090.1 (Series), ISO 14001, and NAVFAC guidance/protocols.
Personnel Eligible:
The target audience for this class includes, but is not limited to, Military DoD Civilian and Contractor shore installation/regional personnel serving as Environmental Program Directors (IEPD), EMS Managers, Media Managers, Cross Functional Team (CFT) members, major process owners, and those managing an installation's significant aspects (i.e. water, solid waste or energy).
Unless otherwise indicated, all webinar times shall be 7:30 am - 12:30 pm Pacific Time.
10MT11/2/202011/5/2020Webinar (0730-1230 Pacific/Daily CEC OFFICERS ONLY)