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Course Information
NCF Operations BASIC

Course Description:
The Naval Construction Force Operations BASIC course is designed to prepare first-tour officers and Chief Petty Officers with the basic knowledge and skills needed to perform leadership and management duties upon reporting to a Naval Construction Force unit.  Classroom and laboratory instruction will be provided in construction and contingency planning and operations, Naval Construction Force, and force programs, under normal conditions.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The reference material for this class is now accessible at Navy Knowledge Online here
Personnel Eligible:
Active duty and reserve civil engineer corps (510x, 653x, 753x) officers (O1-O4).
First NCF tour OF-13 Chief Petty Officers.
Officers of other designators and non OF-13 Chief Petty Officers assigned or ordered to an NCF unit.
E6 personnel assigned to an NCF unit may be selected based on availability of seats.
07FC9/21/202010/2/2020Gulfport, MS
07FB10/13/202010/23/2020Port Hueneme, CA
07FB3/8/20213/19/2021Port Hueneme, CA
07FC3/29/20214/9/2021Gulfport, MS
07FB8/30/20219/10/2021Port Hueneme, CA
07FC9/20/202110/1/2021Gulfport, MS