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Course Information
Advanced Environmental Law

Course Description:
Advanced Environmental Law is a 4-day course that explores law, policy, and management of environmental projections.  Each year, various topics of timely interest are explored in depth.   This year two versions are offered:  Strategic Environmental Planning (an advanced NEPA course) and Coastal & Ocean Resources Law.
Strategic Environmental Planning could be described as a NEPA implementation and environmental impact analysis seminar.  This 4-day course is broken into a 2-day seminar that features law and policy plus a 2-day advanced environmental impact analysis workshop.  NEPA topics explored include planning for the proposed action, selecting alternatives, cumulative impacts analysis and accepted methodologies, programmatic studies, greenhouse gas and climate change analysis, planning for operational training areas, addressing scientific uncertainty, public participation, and other emergent planning topics such as adaptive management.
The Compliance version will include Environmental Legal Compliance Updates and Emerging Topics for 2013 and Beyond. This course includes advanced environmental law and policy presentations that provide DoD environmental professionals with important new information or in depth information in their area of expertise. The course is planned for four days in length.  This course will expand upon the Basic Environmental Law material and provide updates and in depth sessions on selected special topics of timely interest in the areas of environmental compliance, conservation, planning, sustainability, encroachment, energy and restoration.
The Coastal and Ocean Resources Law version reviews the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act and Executive Order 12114; consultation and permitting under the Endangered Species Act and Marine Mammal Protection Act; managing actions in the Coastal Zone under the Coastal Zone Management Act; and joint use issues under the National Marine Sanctuary Act, Sikes Act, Magnuson-Stevens Act, and Migratory Bird Treaty Act.  It is an interactive class.  In addition to presentations with opportunity for questions, answers, and comments, there will be a mock coastal zone consistency determination hearing and an opportunity for each student to present a 5-10 minute presentation on projects they are working on relating to the class subjects.
335512/1/202012/4/2020Washington DC (COR)
19T06/10/20216/11/2021Naples, Italy (IEL)
33557/13/20217/16/2021Bremerton, WA (SEP)
33558/17/20218/20/2021San Diego, CA (SEP)