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CNATT Detachment Tinker AFB

These are some of the courses we offer. For a complete listing, navigate to CANTRAC

C-050-3502 E-6B Flight Engineer Maint. 440 8235 Tinker
C-102-4513 E-6B Reel Operator Maint. 230 8227 Tinker
C-102-4517 E-6B Mission Avionics 453 NA Tinker
C-102-4519 E-6B Flight Deck Avionics 268 NA Tinker
C-600-3510 E-6B Super Fam. 22 NA Tinker
C-601-3500 E-6B Power Plants Initial 243 8843 Tinker
C-601-3504 E-6B Power Plants Career 103 8343 Tinker
C-602-3507 E-6B Elect and Instrument 215 NA Tinker
C-602-3510 E-6B ECS Maintenance 176 8343 Tinker
C-602-3514 E-6B Connector Repair 29 NA Tinker
C-603-3501 E-6B Airframes Initial 248 NA Tinker
C-603-3503 E-6B Airframes Career 168 NA Tinker

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