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CNATT Training Detachment Camp Pendleton

1991-1992 when personnel checked in, they were assigned to the Training Management Element, Thirty-Three (TME-33).

1992-1995, the unit was known as FRAMP (Fleet Readiness Aviation Maintenance Personnel).

1995-1999, the schoolhouse was designated Helicopter Maintenance Training Squadron, Three-Zero-Three, Fleet Replacement Enlisted Skill Training (HMT-303, FREST).

1999-2001, we were the Naval Air Maintenance Training Group Detachment (NAMTRAGRUDET).

2001-2003, a new initiative transformed us into the Naval Air Maintenance Training Marine Unit (NAMTRAMARUNIT).

During 2002, though the designation remained the same, the patch symbolisms underwent a transformation.

The original roundel design with ribbon remained unchanged, but the field colors of scarlet & gold where adopted from the Marine Corps to illustrate its Marine Corps affiliation.

Further Marine association was added with the augment of the "Devil Dog" icon. Together with the addition of a scholar's cap the icon is a focal point that characterizes a place to acquire knowledge as an academic institution associated with the mental, moral, and physical demands attained through Marine Corps academics.

The aircraft remained as symbols of the platforms taught, but the images themselves evolved into silhouettes of the UH-1 and AH-1 helicopters.

The open book with rings was also maintained; the open book of learning denotes an academic career while the rings represent the continuum of academic learning presented at the schoolhouse.

A motto was then approved and added to summarize the schools end product: "WE TRAIN THE FLEET" which refers to the schoolhouse as the Marine Corps' finest proponent for aviation maintenance training.

2003-Present, In February of 2003, there was a realignment of the Navy's Training organization that we fall under, and the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training (CNATT) stood up.

Currently, students who completed the prescribe curriculum graduate from the; Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training, Marine Unit (CNATT MARUNIT), Camp Pendleton.