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CNATT Unit Oceana
CNATT Unit Oceana Leadership
Commanding Officer
Commander David Moore

Commanding Officer
Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit Oceana
Executive Officer
Commander Gary Michael Shelley

Executive Officer
Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit Oceana
Senior Enlisted Leader
AOCM (AW/SW) Mark E. Seals

Senior Enlisted Leader
Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit Oceana
Train to fight...
...fight to win.

In June 2004, Naval Air Maintenance Training Group Detachment Oceana was renamed as the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit, Oceana (CNATTU, Oceana). CNATTU, Oceana, currently provides curricula for advanced technical training for the F-18 Hornet and Super Hornet, Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS), and other various Automated Test Equipment and aircraft maintenance training courses. A variety of Maintenance Training Units (MTUs) provide diversified training for students.


The Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit Oceana's mission is to support the Department of Defense by providing specialized technical training to aviation maintenance professionals for F/A-18 Hornets, and Automated Test Equipment in direct support of genuine and emerging fleet requirements.


To create an efficient and dynamic learning environment that enables students to take full advantage of their potential as professional Aviation Maintenance Technicians; capable of having a substantial impact on their unit’s mission readiness.

Guiding Principles

  • Training Sailors and Marines is our business; improved fleet readiness is our goal.
  • Our number one asset is our people; provide an environment conducive to mission accomplishment while achieving personal and professional goals of every member in our unit.
  • Dedication to creating Aviation professionals through the Naval Aviation Training Continuum with Navy Core Values as our overarching values.
  • Remain vigilant for improvement opportunities within the unit. Strive to maximize resources while providing the highest quality level of service to our customers, both internal and external.
  • Foster a culture of teamwork by promoting equal opportunity, embracing the free exchange of ideas and encouraging self-improvement.
  • Maintain a clear understanding of our vision, mission and guiding principles.

  • Creeds

    US Navy Seal USMC Seal

    Command/Directorate Contact Numbers
    Commanding Officer 757-433-3183/3184
    Executive Officer 757-433-3184
    Command Master Chief 757-433-3181
    Senior Marine 757-433-3209
    Field Training Specialist 757-433-3740
    Duty Office 757-433-3362
    Ombudsman 757-274-3177
    Public Affairs Officer 757-433-2273
    Administrative Office 757-433-3363/5568
    Command Sponsorship Coordinator 757-433-3167
    Student Coordinators 757-433-3675/2828
    SAPR 757-433-3415
    DAPA 757-433-2489
    Legal 757-433-3163
    MTU-1039 757-433-3143
    MTU-1041 757-433-3188
    MTU-3010 757-433-3889
    CNATT Logo

    The sayings inscribed on both legs of the triangle embody Naval Aviation; Non Sibi Sed Patriae (Not for Self but for Country) and Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful) remind Sailors and Marines that they both serve and fight not for self but for country and are always faithful to the end. The Latin phrases also add to the artistic symbolism embodied by the lion’s wings. The wings form the arithmetic symbol of infinity, which joins with the lion’s book to show a continuum of lifelong learning and quest for knowledge.

    In European and Middle-Eastern folklore, the winged lion symbolized strength, courage, and honor. The lion with an open book is a symbol of peace; when the book is closed it symbolizes times of war. Its wings represent all facets and communities throughout Naval Aviation.

    The silhouette of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise represents the forward presence of the Navy-Marine Corps team. The word "enterprise" means "readiness to engage in daring" action which is exactly what the CNATT mission will deliver. Completely integrated from the beginning of aviation technical learning, this team is responsible for "launching learning excellence"; the motto of CNATT. Just as an aircraft of tomorrow is depicted taking off through the Five Vector Model, countless careers will be launched by Sailors, Marines, and Civil Service employees. These Naval Aviation professionals will have unprecedented control over the "course" they wish to navigate during their career. Highlighted against the background of the Navy’s blue and gold and the gold and scarlet of the Marine Corps, the colors of the logo complete the vision of "one team – one fight".