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CNATT Unit Norfolk Leadership
Commanding Officer
Commander Jack Morris

Commanding Officer
Executive Officer
Commander Marcus A. Creighton

Executive Officer
Senior Enlisted Leader
Master Chief Petty Officer
Steven J. Gill

Senior Enlisted Leader

To provide rate-specific aviation technical training necessary to meet fleet requirements, while professionally delivering specialized aviation "C" school training to maintain and operate air weapons systems supporting MH-53E/MH-60S helicopters, E-2C airborne early warning aircraft, C-2A(R) carrier onboard delivery aircraft, airborne mine countermeasures (AMCM), MQ-8 Firescout, aviation maintenance administration (AZ) management, aviation boatswain's mate (AB), aviation ordnanceman (AO), interior communications electrician (IC) and aircrew survival equipmentman (PR) professional and rating skills.


To provide the learning tools necessary to exploit the professional capabilities of Sailors in becoming the finest technically trained aviation maintenance professionals able to immediately contribute to their units mission readiness.

Guiding Principles

Training Sailors is our business, improved fleet readiness is our goal.

Mission first, People always; provide the tools necessary in order for all hands to contribute to mission readiness and to succeed in their personal development.

Build a Learning Environment, in partnership with our stakeholders, that will deliver the right training, at the right time, in the right place, with effectiveness and efficiency.

Dedication to creating Aviation professionals through the Naval Aviation Training Continuum with Navy Core Values as our overarching values.

Foster a culture that instills teamwork and dedication in achieving command excellence through professionalism, innovative thinking, and leadership by example.

Maintain clear understanding of our vision, mission, goals, and guiding principles.


Command Core Values: Family Dedication Integrity

Command/Directorate Contact Numbers
Commanding Officer (757)-445-1952
Executive Officer (757)-445-1958
CO's Secretary (757)-445-1964
Command Master Chief (757)-445-1992
Administration Officer (757)-445-1939
Training Officer (757)-445-1903
Maintenance Officer (757)-445-2050
Quarterdeck (757)-445-1767
Security Manager (JPAS SMO code 66046) (757) 444-1939
MTU-1026 Division Officer (757)-445-0793
MTU-1031 Division Officer (757)-445-2391
MTU-1044 Division Officer (757) 445-2403
MTU-3040/4032 Division Officer (757)-445-1195
MTU 7012 (AMAMT) Division Officer (757) 444-0228
ACDO 24 Hour Cell Phone (757) 589-2098
MTU-1026 (E-2C/C2-A) LCPO (757)-445-0770
MTU-1031 (MH-53E/AMCM) LCPO (757)-445-2364
MTU-1044 (MH-60S/R) LCPO (757)-445-2403
MTU-3040 (AB/IC) LCPO (757)-445-1200
MTU-4032 (AO) LCPO (757)-44454328
AMTCS Coordinator (757)-444-7858
Student Control LCPO (757)-445-9611
CMEO (757)-445-1938
Student Affairs (757)-445-1794
LMO LCPO (757)-445-1283
DAPA (757)-444-0228
Command Career Counselor (757)-445-1970
Field Training Specialist (757)-445-1687