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Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Detachment Whiting Field

If you fly into the Pensacola Regional Airport, the best way to the Naval Air Station Whiting Field (NASWF) is by taxi. The cost is approximately $50.00 but taxi fare is subject to change without notice. Check the U.S. O. at the airport to share rides and for discounted taxi rates. They are located one deck above baggage claim, around the corner from the escalators. The U.S. O. operates from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.. Ensure you ask for a receipt for your travel claim.

NOTE: Ensure taxi operators know you are going to Naval Air Station (NAS) Whiting Field in Milton, FL.

If driving to Pensacola, follow Interstate 10 to Exit 22 onto Avalon Blvd.
Go north on Avalon to Hwy 90
Right on Hwy 90
Left on Hwy 87 (Stewart Street [by the Burger King])
Go north on Stewart Street (approximately 8 miles)
Take a right on 87A (Langley Street).
Langley runs straight through NAS Whiting Field
Turn right on USS Enterprise St just past Naval Medical Facility (NMF)
Go to Bldg 2945 - 1st Deck AMO; 2nd Deck AOOCP
Go to Bldg 2943 - 1st Deck BQC

When making departing flight arrangements, keep in mind your detaching date and time will be 4:00 p.m. on the last scheduled day of school. You should allow at least 90 minutes travel time from NAS Whiting Field to the Pensacola Regional Airport.

Due to security restrictions, the map of NAS Whiting Field cannot be provided. Ask the gate guard for directions to the Combined Bachelor Quarters (CBQ) Building 2942


You will need your original orders. The actual check in and orientation with CNATT Det Whiting Field will be the first day of class, so ensure you bring your original orders to class with you. For Navy and PCS Students, in order for Student Control to process your Per Diem and Travel Advance Requests, the following additional items will be needed. PG 2, SGLI, and a room receipt provided by the CBQ.


During the first day of school, administrative personnel will process your original orders, travel claims, and receive your service record.

Note: Ensure your orders are stamped and signed "certified original.” Many Officers/Enlisted Members report with incomplete or incorrect records and/or orders. Ensure you understand your orders completely. If you have any questions concerning leave, travel, proceed time, or mode of transportation between duty assignments, resolve them prior to beginning your travel. Your Detailer/Monitor or Local PSD/Disbursing can answer your questions. You will not be detached early from the course to provide additional travel time between duty stations.

Training Schedule

Report to CNATT Det Whiting Field, Building 2945 (1st Deck AMO; 2nd Deck AOOCP) and Building 2943 (1st Deck BQC), prior to 7:30 a.m. on the first day of class. Class begins promptly at 7:30 a.m. and runs through 4:00 p.m. each day. The curriculum does not allow for personal business except during lunch hour. Haircuts and purchasing uniform items needed for school should be completed before arrival. Be prepared for class. A calculator (capable of simple arithmetic functions) for the weight and balance portion of the school will be provided.


CBQ or off base
Students are responsible for making their billeting reservations at the NAS Whiting Field Combined Bachelor's Quarters (CBQ). Please contact the CBQ at (850) 623-7605/06/07 DSN: 868-XXXX or their toll free reservation number (1-877-627-9324) for room reservations. Credit card is required to make reservations. If you have questions concerning your billeting, please contact the CBQ. It is recommended that you make your reservations no later than two weeks prior to class convening date. Call CBQ for current room rates and availability (single or family suites). NO PETS ALLOWED!

Billeting reservations for International students will be pre-arranged by CNATT Student Control.

In the event there are no quarters available upon your arrival, you must acquire a non-availability stamp from the CBQ on your original orders prior to securing commercial lodging. Anticipate off-base lodging to be 10-15 miles from NAS Whiting Field and therefore bringing your POV or rental vehicle is highly encouraged.

CNATT Det Whiting Field is located in Building 2945 (AMO & AOOCP Schools) and Building 2943 (BQC School), about two blocks East of the BOQ. The office is open from approximately 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except official holidays. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call the school.

Family Member Visits
If you wish to bring your family with you or have them visit for part of your training, families may reside at the CBQ, but must be registered with the front desk of the CBQ even if just visiting for a short period of time (weekend). Contact the CBQ to see if a family suite is available. For off-base family accommodations, the Housing Referral Office may be of assistance. Their phone numbers are (850) 623-7493 DSN: 868-7493 or Toll Free: 1-877-553-4227.


"There is no Military Dining Facility aboard NAS Whiting Field."

Due to non-availability of government messing (you will receive a “Messing non-availability letter” upon completion of training), it is imperative that your parent Command access the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) website in order to ascertain per diem rates as they continue to fluctuate. Website is as follows:

It is highly recommended that you draw advanced per diem prior to departing your command. If you arrive on a weekend, a limited choice of dining facilities are available onboard the air station. The Bowling Alley and Subway are open and are within walking distance of the CBQ. Wide choices of restaurants are within a 15-minute drive of the main gate.

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  • NWU is prescribed and will be the normal year round uniform for class activities for all Navy Personnel
  • E-7 and above must have one set of Service Khaki.
  • All students required to have authorized PT uniform.


  • USMC Summer dress: Woodland digitals will be worn. USMC Service “Charlies” will be worn on occasion.
  • USMC Winter dress: Woodland digitals will be worn. USMC Service “Bravo” will be worn on occasion.
  • All students are required to have the authorized PT uniform.
  • BQC students will report in Service “Alphas”.

Note: Authorized sweaters and raincoats as appropriate. Flight Jackets - The Eisenhower jacket is optional, the brown leather flight jacket is the only authorized flight jacket for wear "khaki" & "Charlie” uniforms for those authorized to wear it. Green flight jacket is NOT authorized. Sleeves will be rolled up for summer dress and rolled down when shifting to winter dress.


Per MCO P1610.7F (Performance Evaluation System) and cited below, all Marine students attending AMO “NAMP Indoctrination” and “AOOCP Level 1” will receive a From Temporary Duty (FD) non-observed fitness report upon completion of training.


"4. When a Marine is attending a formal course of instruction in a TAD status for a period of 31 to 89 days, the following guidance applies.

a. Per paragraph 3004.6, the RS at the parent command must submit a "to temporary" (TD) report when the MRO departs for instruction.

b. Per paragraph 3004.7, the RS at the formal course of instruction must submit a "from temporary duty" (FD) report upon completion of the MRO's instruction. NOTE: Back-to-back FD reports may occur when an MRO finishes one formal course and reports to another school before returning to the parent command.

(1) The RS may submit a not observed report. NOTE: This is an exception to the provisions of paragraph 3005.1.

(2) If the MRO is dropped or disenrolled from a formal course or school in less than 90 days, the RS must complete an FD report and fully explain the reason in section I. NOTE: Drops or disenrollments for cause are adverse and require the appropriate processing per Chapter 5.

(3) The additional reporting requirements for Marines in a temporary duty status identified in paragraph 3004.7f apply."

CNATT DET WF OIC Commercial: 850-516-7868 DSN 868
CNATT DET WF SEA Commercial: 850-516-7869 DSN 868
CNATT DET WF COMMAND DUTY OFFICER Commercial: 850-516-7086 DSN 868
CNATT DET WF MARINE BQC SCHOOL Commercial: 850-516-7191 DSN 868
CNATT DET WF AOOCP SCHOOL Commercial: 850-516-7895 DSN 868
CNATT DET WF AMO SCHOOL Commercial: 850-516-7848 DSN 868
CNATT DET WF STUDENT CONTROL Commercial: (850) 623-7854 DSN 868
AMO SCHOOL FAX Commercial: (850) 623-7823 DSN 868
AOOCP SCHOOL FAX Commercial: (850) 623-7898 DSN 868
COMBINED BACHELOR QUARTERS (CBQ) Commercial: (850) 623-7605 DSN 868

Pensacola, Florida Regional Airport (PNS) is the primary pickup and departure point. International Military Students are generally met at the airport by at least one of the CNATT Whiting Field staff personnel. However, advance notice must be provided with full student travel itinerary.

Students arriving for training should attempt to arrive at the Pensacola Regional Airport during normal duty hours (8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday). CNATT Whiting Field does not conduct routine operations or training on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) or the legal holidays.

Normally, you will be met at the airport by one of the International Military Student Officers. However, if someone does not meet you at the airport, you can receive more information at the airport's United Service Organization (USO) office located inside the airport. It will be necessary to travel to the Naval Air Station Whiting Field, and the best means to get there is to utilize the taxi service available outside the baggage claim area at the airport. If you need to use the taxi service, ensure you ask the USO about the discounted fare. Notify the taxi driver you wish to go the Combined Bachelors Quarter (CBQ) at Naval Air Station Whiting Field. Billeting reservations for International students will be pre-arranged by CNATT Student Control.

Once at NAS Whiting Field, check into Aviation Maintenance Officer School the next working day. It is important to have your Invitational Travel Order (ITO) since this document will be necessary when you arrive at the Naval Air Station. Also, the ITO is a very important document during your entire stay in the United States -- always keep a copy of your ITO available with you at all time.

Note: Please look for additional information under the "Incoming Student Information" tab.


Golf, tennis, racquetball, sailing, weight and universal rooms, jogging trails, and other sports facilities are available on base. Court shoes (white bottoms) vice running shoes are necessary for court sports. Check Cashing Service is available in the Navy Exchange. Large amounts of cash or traveler's checks are not necessary. The personal check cashing limit is $150.00 per day. The CBQ also offers check cashing services limited to $50.00 per day. (limits subject to change without notice.)