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CNATT Unit Cherry Point
Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit
Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point
CNATT Unit Cherry Point Logo

Vision: Mission Ready Marines and Sailors demonstrating technical competence supported by the innovative delivery of modernized training.

Mission: CNATT Unit Cherry Point provides aviation maintenance specialized training to operate and maintain weapon systems and sub-systems supporting:

  • Organizational and Intermediate Level Maintenance AV-8B Harrier Communities
  • Organizational and Intermediate Level Maintenance C/KC-130J Hercules Communities
  • Cryogenics Communities
  • Intermediate Level Maintenance Avionics
  • Organizational and Intermediate Level Maintenance Aviation Ordnance

Instructor Ethos: "I am an Aviation Maintenance Training Instructor. My pledge to provide these Marines and Sailors with professional training comes first. I will possess the ethos and ethics conducive of the teacher to scholar relationship. I will set the example, in any endeavor, in which these Marines and Sailors will follow. I will abide by the SOP at all costs and have the moral courage to do what is right. Training Instructors are on stage 24/7 for all to emulate. Understanding that these Marines and Sailors are learning and that it will take patience to instruct them is the virtue of professionalism that I will endure. Our legacy is the student, given the chance they too will endure as Marines and Sailors have always done. Before you, I swear this is true."