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CNATT Unit Cherry Point
CNATT Unit Cherry Point Leadership
Executive Officer
Major Travis J. Strean, USMC

Executive Officer
Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major Reginald Daniels, USMC

Sergeant Major
CNATT MARUNIT Cherry Point logo


CNATT MARINE UNIT Cherry Point provides aviation maintenance specialized training to operate and maintain weapon systems and sub-systems supporting:

  • Organizational and Intermediate Level Maintenance AV-8B Harrier Communities
  • Organizational and Intermediate Level Maintenance C/KC-130J Hercules Communities
  • Cryogenics Communities
  • Intermediate Level Maintenance Avionics
  • Organizational and Intermediate Level Maintenance Aviation Ordnance


Mission Ready Marines and Sailors demonstrating technical competence supported by the innovative delivery of modernized training.

Guiding Principles

Mission, Marines, Sailors, and their families. Making the right choices in our professional duties and personal life.

  • Treating everyone with respect and dignity.
  • Striving for excellence. Training every student as if he or she would be ours in the Fleet.
  • Initiative and Innovation.
  • Fostering an environment that lends itself to professional and personal growth.
  • Supporting the transition from non-military environment to military environment for students with families.


  • Measure and Improve training effectiveness.
  • Reduce the cost of training.
  • Link our families with the Marine Corps and Navy Family Networks and more specifically, with the Marine or Sailor’s follow-on command.

Instructor Ethos

"I am an Aviation Maintenance Training Instructor. My pledge to provide these Marines and Sailors with professional training comes first. I will possess the ethos and ethics conducive of the teacher to scholar relationship. I will set the example, in any endeavor, in which these Marines and Sailors will follow. I will abide by the SOP at all costs and have the moral courage to do what is right. Training Instructors are on stage 24/7 for all to emulate. Understanding that these Marines and Sailors are learning and that it will take patience to instruct them is the virtue of professionalism that I will endure. Our legacy is the student, given the chance they too will endure as Marines and Sailors have always done. Before you, I swear this is true."

Mailing Address:
Commanding Officer
Center for Naval Aviation
Technical Training Marine Unit
PSC Box 8055
Cherry Point, NC 28533

Command/Directorate Contact Numbers
Duty Phone 252-466-2672 DSN 582
After Hours Duty Phone 252-342-4710 DSN 582
Maintenance Training Officer 252-466-4905 DSN 582
Avionics Division Officer 252-466-6723 DSN 582
Ordnance Division Officer 252-466-4302 DSN 582
S-1/Personnel Officer 252-466-3349 DSN 582
S-6/TIS Technology Information Systems 252-466-8515 DSN 582
Public Affairs Office 252-466-4241 DSN 582
Base Information / Personnel Locator 252-466-2811 DSN 582
Severe Weather Numbers:
MCAS 252-466-3093 DSN 582
Fleet Readiness Center 252-464-8333 DSN 582
Defense Distribution Depot (DDCN) 252-466-4083 DSN 582

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1961 - 1969

The Naval Air Mobile Training Group (NAMTG) was founded in Naval Air Station (NAS) at Memphis, TN. The training was conducted through Detachments called Naval Air Mobile Training Detachments (NAMTD) at Marine Corps Air Stations (MCAS) and Naval Air Stations (NAS). There were 72 training detachments established and their mission was to provide technical training for officers, enlisted, civilians, and foreign military in the operations, maintenance, repair of aircraft and associated equipment.

Naval Air Training Detachment (NAMTD) Cherry Point was established to provide training to Marines for Squadrons which serviced the Phantom R-4, Skyray F-4D, and the Skyhawk A4D-2 & A4D-2N. In 1962 the first female Marine students attended NAMTD courses. In 1965, NAMTG Cherry Point got its first building with classrooms and forecasted construction of additional new buildings to train Marines.

1970 - 1979

During this period there were three Naval Air Maintenance Training Group Detachments (NAMTRAGRUDET) established at MCAS Cherry Point. Their mission was "To Train the Fleet" by providing specialized technical training.

  • NAMTRAGRUDET 1006 - This detachment trained pilots and technicians on all systems of the AV-8A aircraft and was the only AV-8A training facility in the world.
  • NAMTRAGRUDET 1100 - This was the only Marine A-4 detachment of three A-4 detachments. It trained pilots and technicians to become familiar with all models of the A-4 aircraft using 33 different courses.
  • NAMTRAGRUDET 3001 - Was commissioned in April 1971 and provided organizational and intermediate maintenance training on electronic countermeasure equipment.

1980 - 2001

In December 1983, the first AV-8B Harrier II was delivered to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point and in March 1985, VMAT-203 Fleet Readiness Aviation Maintenance Personnel (FRAMP) was assigned the missions of training exclusive AV-8B aircrews and maintenance personnel.

On October 1, 1986 the squadron known as Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Training Squadron 253 (VMGRT-253) was activated and received their first C-130 Hercules aircraft. VMGRT-253 was also known as the Fleet Replacement Enlisted Skills Training Center (FREST), tasked with training all the KC-130 maintenance crew Marines and Sailors. As the Model Manager for maintenance training, VMGRT-253 consolidated East and West Coast technical schools into a new 43,000-square-foot facility.

2001 - 2002

On September 12, 2001, the ground maintenance training courses from both marine Aerial Refueler Transport Training Squadron (VMGRT-253) and Marine Training Squadron (VMGRT-203) were merged to form Naval Air Maintenance Training (NAMTRA) Marine Unit Cherry Point.

  • Courses taught were KC/KC-130F/R/T/J, AV-8B, Cryogenics, and Ordnance.

2003 - Present

January 8, 2003 NAMTRA Marine Unit Cherry Point was disestablished and reestablished on the same day as Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training (CNATT) Marine Unit Cherry Point.

  • June 2009. 17 Marines reported to Little Rock Air Force Base, Jacksonville, Arkansas. Their purpose was to stand up the KC-130J Aviation Maintenance School aboard Little Rock Air Force Base as a detachment using Air Force Trainers.

Today, CNATT Marine Unit Cherry Point staff trains approximately 1400 Marine, Navy, Italian Foreign National, and civilian students per year in 76 courses of instruction supporting the AV-8B, KC-130J, FA-18E/F and maintenance specialties in I-level ordnance, avionics, and cryogenics communities.