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Captain Carey H. Cash
Captain Carey H. Cash, CHC, USN
Commanding Officer

Executive Officer's Photo
Commander James L. Dance, CHC, USN
Executive Officer

RPCS(FMF/SW) Bryan R. Bravo
RPCS(FMF/SW) Bryan R. Bravo, CHC, USN
Command Senior Enlisted Advisor

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Naval Chaplaincy School and Center

Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles,
Strategic Objectives
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A Passion for Excellence in Professionalism, Professional Naval Chaplaincy, Professional Development, and Professional Satisfaction

To develop and deliver religious ministry training to achieve fleet readiness

Guiding Principles
We develop Religious Ministry Teams by:

  • Developing leaders who demonstrate excellence and character
  • Training in knowledge, skills, and abilities for ministry
  • Educating staff officers and enlisted personnel
  • Instilling a sea service ethos and an orientation to the sea
  • Inspiring professional and personal development
  • Modeling principles for healthy professional communities

Strategic Objectives
We attain our Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles by:

  • Aligning training with Navy policy and doctrine
  • Challenging staff to develop higher levels of competence and character
  • Leveraging innovation and technology to advance institutional goals
  • Communicating transparently both internally and externally
  • Assessing every aspect of training for effectiveness and efficiency
  • Exemplifying the highest standards of Professional Naval Chaplaincy