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Commanding Officer
DSN 436-5205
Comm (850) 235-5205
350 S. Crag Road
Panama City Beach FL 32407

DSN 436-5268
Comm (850) 235-5268

NDSTC Training Officer
DSN 436-5245
Comm (850) 235-5245

NDSTC Quarter Deck
DSN 436-4651
Comm (850) 234-4651

NDSTC Medical Dept.
DSN 436-5218
Comm (850) 235-5218

NDSTC Student Administration
DSN 436-5224/5323
Comm (850) 235-5224/5323

DSN 436-5205
Comm (850) 235-5205

NDSTC Staff Administration
Comm (850) 235-4166/230-7102

NDSTC Webmaster
DSN 436-5205
Comm (850) 235-5205

Student Mailing Address
Rate, Name
XX-XX-XXXX (Class Number)
Naval Diving & Salvage Training Center
350 South Crag Rd.
Panama City, FL 32407
Contact a Recruiter/Mentor In Your Area
  • To Find a recruiter in your area, go to You will be prompted to add your zip code and you will be provided with information on the nearest recruiting office in your area. There are separate Recruiting Offices and procedures for Enlisted and Officer. Make sure that you contact the appropriate office according to your career goals.
  • United States South East Region
  • For a mentor in the Alabama/North Georgia/Panama City, Fla region, please send an email to: or for further assistance in any region call: (678) 332-6554.
  • All prospective Navy Recruits: If your region is not represented here, be sure to ask your recruiter about the "Navy Challenge Program" and ask them to help you find the local "Dive Motivator/Mentor" in your region.
  • To inquire about informed recruiters and mentors in your area, feel free to email, T: (888) 876-7325, F: (619) 437-2873.

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